Pronunciation: (rhymes with tool)

Son of Tyleet, Dewshine and Scouter
Grandson of
One-Eye, Clearbrook, Nightfall and Redlance
Wolf Friends – Greedygut

Pool is a young Wolfrider who grew up hero-worshiping the loner Teir. With the help of his mentor, and aided by his keen eyesight (no surprise for the son of Scouter), Pool has grown into a skilled archer. The bow is his weapon of choice both for hunting and battle.

Pool is heartfelt and intuitive. Conceived when his tribe was under threat from Grohmul Djun and Winnowill, he developed a special sensitivity to Winnowill’s magically mutated monsters. This is a skill that Chieftess Ember uses to track down and eliminate these Wolfrider-hunting creatures. Thankfully, he is rarely called upon to use his special ability.

While Pool has been exposed to battle and danger from an early age — both magic and otherwise — he retains a sense of innocence and honor, even when that causes him to make foolish decisions. He enjoys a relatively normal Wolfrider life hunting, howling, and getting into trouble with his rambunctious age-mate Sust.