Pronunciation: (rhymes with pain, gain)

Father of Pike and Rainsong (not, as incessant rumor would have it, of Shale)
Grandfather of Newstar, WingMender, and Sust
Great-grandfather of Kimo and Serrin

Rain was a Wolfrider healer during Bearclaw‘s time. His voice was sweet and he would sing to injured or sick Wolfriders to calm and soothe as he healed them. Though his powers weren’t potent enough to restore Rillfisher’s hearing or Woodhue‘s missing eye, nonetheless Rain helped the Wolfriders survive the dangers of living wild and free in the forest. An expert herbalist, he supplemented his healing skills by collecting, drying, and grinding various medicinal plants, and was happiest when tending to his herbs.

To Rain, all the Wolfriders were his responsibility and he deeply felt the loss of any tribemate. His concern at the dwindling number of his people prompted Rain to experiment with forcing Recognition, rather than leaving it to chance. His initial–and possibly only–attempt resulted in a son, Pike. Rain was also the sire of Rainsong.

Killed by Madcoil, Rain was the last Wolfrider healer until Rainsong gave birth to his grandson, Mender.