Pronunciation: (rhymes with beef)

Reef is a Wavedancer who spent thousands of years in the form of the misshapen creature known only as “The Broken One,” crippled in both mind and body after an encounter with the powerful former Lord of the Gliders, Winnowill.

When his people found him after the magical attack that mutated him, his condition stirred pity in their hearts. They quietly and sadly accepted him back into the tribe, caring for him without knowing what to do to actually help him. Healer Skimback tried unsuccessfully to re-shape The Broken One back into his elf-form. For longtime Wavedancer chief Surge, The Broken One was a symbol of the cruelty and danger of the outside world, as well as justification for Surge’s paranoid and draconian leadership.

When Brill Recognized Sunstream, the skittish and reclusive sea elves could no longer remain hidden, and the Palace of the High Ones traveled to the Wavedancer home of Crest Point. The glimmer of sanity that bubbled up through The Broken One’s twisted thoughts drove him to rescue Cutter from drowning.

Afterward, the deformed Wavedancer was restored to his elfin form by Skimback, Snakeskin and Leetah. Only the combined effort of all three healers, aided by the magic-boosting effect of the Palace on their powers, allowed them to overcome Winnowill’s dark work.

Largely through Korafay‘s love and support, Reef’s healing and restoration took a leap forward with his realization that he was never truly “broken” but simply unfinished. This breakthrough has allowed Reef to use his own version of healing magic to shape-change his body into a powerful, bold protector of his people whenever they are threatened.