Pronunciation: SAH-vuh (rhymes with LAva)

Daughter of Hassbet
Step-daughter of Maalvi
Lifemate of Yurek
Grandmother of Alekah
Great-great-great-great-grandmother of Ahdri

Savah is an ancient elf, founder of the Sun Village at Sorrow’s End, and progenitor of the Sun Folk.

Savah was born into a group of elves called the Rootless Ones who were hounded by aggressive human tribes. Savah, along with her mother Hassbet, Yurek, Dreen and Maalvi fled their forest home and into the burning waste of the desert, eventually discovering an oasis in the foothills of the World Spine Mountains which they named Sorrow’s End. As the village grew, Savah took on the role of the Mother of Memory and leader of her many descendants.

Regal and serene, Savah is the very soul of dignity, possessing gentle beauty and quiet wisdom. She possesses subtle yet powerful magic, able to enter other elves’ minds and connect with them on a deep telepathic level. Savah never sleeps, but often enters a deep trance by sending her spirit out of her body to the astral plane, where she constantly searches for knowledge that will help other elves. She loves to teach and has been mentor to other magic-users, including Rayek, Sunstream, and Ahdri. Even when a pupil goes off the path of right action, she does not blame or reject but simply attempts to redirect.

After millennia of peace, humans finally discovered and invaded the oasis refuge. Savah was wounded and the villagers were forced to abandon their homes and flee underground. Savah survived her wound, and the villagers were eventually rescued by the Palace of the High Ones. Despite her experiences, she still hopes for a time when elves and humans can live together in harmony.

Savah now dwells in the Palace, helping the elves that live there to rediscover the magical heritage of their ancient ancestors. The ultimate maternal presence, she offers comfort and touchstone for all elves and those who seek her guidance.

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