Pronunciation: SKOW-ter (rhymes with HOW-sir)
Soul Name – Jial (rhymes with EYE-dull)

Son of Clearbrook and One-Eye
Lifemate of Dewshine and Tyleet
Adopted father of Windkin
Father of Pool
Wolf Friends – Bristlebrush, Scrabble

Named for his keen vision, Scouter has the sharpest eyes of all the Wolfriders. He is steadfast, loyal, and gallant, but intolerant of anyone, tribemates included, whom he sees as putting his family in jeopardy.

Dewshine and Scouter were lovemates for most of their lives, but never Recognized. When Dewshine unexpectedly recognized the shape-changed Glider, Tyldak, Scouter had a difficult time accepting it. Because of his love for Dewshine, however, he pledged to be a father to her cub (Tyldak wanted nothing to do with it.). When Windkin was born, Dewshine soothed Scouter’s feelings by accepting only his help in bringing the new cub into the world.

Many years later, when Scouter Recognized Tyleet, Dewshine rejoiced. They formed a three-bond and exchanged soul names. They raised their son, Pool, to adulthood in Chieftess Ember‘s branch of the Wolfriders.

Scouter’s overbearing nature led him to challenge his chief when the elf-hunter Lehrigen kidnapped Pool. Though the Wolfriders left her for dead, Scouter’s control over them proved short-lived. Ember nonetheless forgave him; Scouter and his family remained with her tribe.