Pronunciation: (rhymes with him crack)

Former lovemate of Brill
Lifemate of Sandsparkle

Skimback is the primary healer of the Wavedancers. Quiet, affable, this gentle elf carries within him the heavy responsibility of the well being of his tribe. As quick to react as the sea is to injure, he often–but not always–robs death of its prey.

Once a lovemate of Brill, Skimback Recognized Sandsparkle and the two became lifemates, though unfortunately the child that resulted did not survive.

For many years, Skimback made attempts to restore the hideously deformed “Broken One” to his former elfin self, but without success. Through his efforts, however, Skimback made the realization that in order for the Broken One’s body to be healed, his mental illness first needed to be addressed. With the help of his friend and fellow healer Snakeskin, he almost succeeded. It wasn’t until Leetah joined them and the trio bolstered their powers with the Palace of the High Ones that they were successful.

Skimback is a thinker, not a fighter, and yet is brave, loyal and not afraid to stand up to those whom he feels are wrong.