Pronunciation: SKY-wyze (rhymes with MY-size)
Soul Name – Fahr (rhymes with car)

Son of Eyes High and Shale
Soul-brother of Cutter
Lovemate of Foxfur, Aroree, Ruffel, Maleen, Vurdah
Father of Yun and Jink
Wolf Friends – Starjumper, Timmain (in wolf form)

Skywise is the Wolfriders’ dreamer and astronomer, whose love of the stars is matched only by his love for Cutter, his soul-brother and chief. Wise-cracking, sly and perceptive, Skywise has become more contemplative and introspective with age, though no less fond of sharing furs with a long succession of lovemates and other partners. He is becoming a protegé of Timmain herself, the last of the firstcomers, who instructs him in the Palace of the High One’s most arcane functions.

Once the cool-headed older confidante to his hot-headed young leader, Skywise’s relationship with Cutter has evolved as their lives — and quests — have unfolded. Experiencing something akin to Recognition in their youth, the two shared soulnames and were rarely seen far apart. Skywise insisted on joining Cutter’s quest to find other elves on the World of Two Moons. When the pair were captured by trolls, Skywise’s filching hands saved the day.

The relationship between Skywise and Cutter suffered its greatest upheaval when Rayek stole the Palace of the High Ones (containing Skywise and Leetah) ten thousand years into the future, stranding Cutter and most of the Wolfriders in the past. Convinced that he might never see his friend again, Skywise begged Leetah to give him “the stars’ own time,” freeing him of his mortality. Ultimately reunited with the Wolfriders, Skywise’s loss of his wolf-blood and the now-vast difference in age between him and Cutter created a profound distance between them.

This also triggered an internal struggle within Skywise, as he strove to reconcile his former nature and his newly chosen path. More and more he found himself an outsider in an older, wolf-blooded pack. Finally reunited at the culmination of the Shards War, Skywise and Cutter reconciled and have since enjoyed calm times. A worshipful student of Timmain, Skywise has found a true home within the Palace of the High Ones, where she teaches him how to navigate and manipulate the ancient vessel.

Skywise’s most prized possession is the Lodestone, taken by Cutter from the Troll king Greymung at the outset of the Original Quest. Serving as both a compass and magical talisman, this sliver of stone perfectly embodies the quest for knowledge and the spirit of wonder that are Skywise.

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