Pronunciation: (rhymes with BAKES fin)

Son of Surge and Skimmer
Grandson of Coral
Lovemate of No-Ripple

Snakeskin reluctantly accepted leadership of the Wavedancers when his father, Surge, disappeared following a brutal encounter with humans. Headstrong and unshakable in his beliefs, Snakeskin is taciturn and given to brooding. When Surge returned from his self-imposed exile, father and son were soon at odds, though it would be many years before their antagonism came to a head.

Their greatest disagreement was how to deal with the drylanders, with Surge vehemently opposed to leaving their home at Crest Point. Though his ability to shape coral helps to protect the tribe, Snakeskin is often circumspect in his actions, angering his more decisive father.

Their confrontation erupted into open challenge after Brill recognized the Wolfrider Sunstream from afar. This awoke Surge’s deepest fear, for it drew the “outsider” attention of the inhabitants of the Palace of the High Ones. Though subdued by his paranoid, powerful father, Snakeskin was nonetheless supported by several of his tribesmates, and joined Brill in the Palace alongside them. In a desperate challenge against his father, Snakeskin finally found his inner strength only to watch his enraged father destroy the reef below Crest Point and perish in its collapse.