Pronunciation: SURJ (rhymes with merge)

Son of Coral
Lifemate of Skimmer
Father of Snakeskin

Surge was the longtime chief of the Wavedancers. An extraordinarily powerful water-shaper, his talents were matched by an intensity of belief: that the world offered only danger and death for his tribe. When humans killed his lifemate Skimmer, he disappeared into the depths with her body, abandoning his tribe in his grief.  When he finally returned the reunion with his son, Snakeskin, who had assumed the duties of chief in his absence, became strained by unanswered questions and Surge’s now-raging paranoia.

Matters came to a head after the at-a-distance Recognition of Sunstream and Brill — which signaled the long-feared discovery of the Wavedancers by other elves. Angered by Snakeskin’s enthusiasm for a meeting with the new Wolfrider tribe, Surge challenged his son. Overwhelming him, but unable to prevent the tribe from splitting, he threatened suicide before fleeing, taking most of the Wavedancers with him against their will.

When the Palace of the High Ones suddenly arrived, uniting Brill and Sunstream, Surge sank to coercion, using his water-shaping powers to prevent his people from entering. When even that failed, he abducted and overpowered Cutter as the Wolfrider chief attempted to negotiate. Cutter persevered, however, and Surge at last began to sense that his position was untenable.

Challenged by Snakeskin, he agreed to a fair fight, but his anger again got the better of him. Unleashing his water-shaping powers, he unwittingly destroyed the towering coral structures of the Wavedancers’ home, Crest Point. As the reef crumbled, a flash of conscience gave Surge time to pull Cutter and the Broken One to safety before he was himself crushed by the stone. Only in death was Surge reconciled to the strength of his son and his people.