Pronunciation: TEER (rhymes with ear or beer, not scare or payer)

Son of Kahvi and Windkin
Brother of Vaya, Venka and others
Grandson of Dewshine and Tyldak
Great-grandson of Treestump and Rillfisher
Lifemate of Ember

Teir has spent the majority of his life as a loner, going where he pleased, when he pleased, beholden to no one. That all changed when Chieftess Ember and her Wolfriders accidentally stumbled upon his home on the plains of Djunsland in their quest to find a new Holt.

Abandoned by his mother Kahvi as an infant, Teir was raised by nomadic descendants of scattered Go-Backs. He sometimes encountered small bands of elves or loners, but never formed any lasting connections. So while he welcomed the Wolfriders, he kept his distance. Before long, however, Teir found himself embroiled in the Wolfrider’s fight for survival, and ultimately opened up and joined the tribe — in no small part because of his attraction to Ember.

Teir has a natural affinity for relating to animals.  From his adopted father he developed the skill of imitating animal movements and cloaking himself in their very essence, so that he can pass among them without arousing their fear. He also has an innate ability to instantly bond with and psychically guide animals.

Never before having a tribe to call his own, Teir is not naturally a talker and keeps his thoughts and emotions to himself. He is close-lipped about his past and harbors great anxiety and fear of abandonment. Teir’s over-emotional personality leaves him vulnerable and he often overcompensates for it. He makes decisions from his heart, not his head, and can be overprotective and impulsive. Yet he is brave, compassionate and deeply insightful. When he lets his emotional defenses down, he loves hugely and passionately. He is intensely loyal to Ember.

Teir Recognized Ember and while the two are now lifemates, they’ve chosen to forgo (with the magical aid of Leetah and Mender) having a cub — for now, at least.