timm-MAYN (rhymes with prim crane)

Skills and Tribal Role
Member of the Circle of Nine, Firstcomer leader, shape-changer, protector, turner of the Scroll of Colors, teacher of magic

Bonded to Adya;
Recognized mate of Aerth;
Mother of an unnamed daughter and Timmorn Yellow-Eyes;
Living ancestress to the Wolfriders and Go-Backs

Timmain is an immortal being of immense age and powerful magic. Ethereal, distant, yet still the source of a steady flame of maternal energy, she is the closest thing the elves of the World of Two Moons have to a goddess.

Timmain is the last living High One. Born eons ago on a distant planet, she and her people left their homeworld as it neared the end of its life. Creatures of light and fire, Timmain and the other High Ones explored the universe, visiting planets teeming with life, always disguising their true identities by shape-changing into the forms of the creatures on the worlds they visited to mingle with and learn from the native beings. Though able to fully leave behind their bodies and exist in the pure bliss of spirit, they chose a keep their physical forms and enjoy a life of touch and experience.

Timmain was one of the Circle of Nine, the leadership council of the space-faring explorers. It was her role to remember, to remind her people of who and where they’d been and what lessons they’d learned. She shared a close bond with Adya, which was brutally severed when the High Ones crashed in the wrong place and time upon the World of Two Moons and were attacked by primitive humans. Though many were slaughtered, Timmain was one of the few survivors that scattered into the nearby forest.

Life on this new world was far more difficult for these Firstcomers than any other they’d experienced. It had a strange, debilitating effect on their magical abilities, upon which they were utterly dependent. Timmain alone was able to overcome that effect and use her powers at near-full capacity.  Once the shock of the accident and her grief over Adya’s murder passed, the reality of their exile set in. Though many succumbed–mentally, emotionally, and physically–to the harshness of this radically different life without magic or safety, Timmain shook off those effects and set about exploring their new home. Through her shape-changing ability, she became one with many of the creatures on the World of Two Moons, Through her explorations she re-learned the long-forgotten skills of running, foraging and surviving an intensely physical existence.  Ultimately she learned the beauty of the song of a mortal existence.

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