Pronunciation: till-EET (rhymes with will-MEET}
Soul Name – Sohn (rhymes with dawn)

Daughter of Nightfall and Redlance
Lifemate of Scouter and Dewshine
Mother of Pool and Little Patch (adoptive)
Wolf Friends – Bundles, Patience

Tyleet, the only child to be born to the Wolfriders during the Palace of the High One’s ages-long absence, is a gentle yet persistent Wolfrider, eager to take risks in accomplishing her ends.

Recognition never struck her parents, Redlance and Nightfall, so they sought help from the powerful healer Leetah in order to conceive. Tyleet’s name translates to “Healer’s Gift,” a reflection of her parents’ gratitude for Leetah’s help in creating a cub.

Tyleet’s goodwill extends especially to humans, with whom she is convinced peace and good relations are possible. She adopted an abandoned human infant, Little Patch, and raised him as a Wolfrider. Though his human nature inevitably asserted itself he left two worlds the better because of his experience. Her friendship with the human Woodcutter allowed the Wolfriders to learn the Djunsland human tongue, which proved a strategic advantage in both war and friendship. That same penchant for learning helped solidify the elves’ alliance with the Insect Tribes of Iceholt against the Djunsmen seeking to destroy Father Tree Holt

Tyleet apprenticed with master tanner Moonshade and took on the duty of creating leathers for her branch of the Wolfriders when the tribe split in two.

She Recognized Scouter and gave birth to a son, Pool. Tyleet, Scouter, and Dewshine joined in a three-mating, cementing the bond by voluntarily exchanging their soul names. For decades the family followed Chieftess Ember at Howling Rock and High Winds Holts, but returned to the Father Tree Holt when the two Wolfrider tribes reunited.