Pronunciation: VENN-kuh (rhymes with TEN-huh)

Daughter of Kahvi and Rayek
Half-sister of Vaya and Teir
Granddaughter of Ingen and Jarrah
Lovemate of Zhantee
Lovemate of Mirff
Mother of Satreeka

Venka is cool, serene, and tranquil, an unexpected, beautifully balanced mix of her Go-Back mother, Kahvi, and Sun Villager father, Rayek. She knows who she is and is comfortable with it. Her impassive face is rarely crossed by emotion, which makes her hard to fathom. Resentment is unknown to Venka.

Like her father, Venka is a strong magic user. Hers is the power to block other elves’ magic. It first manifested when she was an infant, as Winnowill attempted to drown Aroree and Tyldak, who were carrying Venka and Kahvi across the Vastdeep Water. Infant Venka’s survival instinct took over and she blocked Winnowill’s magical grip on the two Gliders, freeing them from sea witch’s hold.

Though Kahvi planned for Venka to exact revenge on Rayek for destroying the Go-Backs’ lodge, the Wolfriders completed her upbringing, teaching her to love and not to hate. After the tumultuous events of “Kings of the Broken Wheel,” Venka once again chose against simply stopping her father’s dire plan, allowing him to make the right decision. She stood by his side in the aftermath, aiding in his rehabilitation with love and support.

After the Shards War, she set out on a quest to learn what became of her mother, Kahvi. After years of searching, she and the warrior tribe settled back in the Frozen Mountains and at their insistence, she took up the mantle of Chieftess. Under her leadership, the Go-Backs have finally begun to move forward.

Venka led the Go-Backs back to the Palace where they served as protectors of the ancient structure as well as the elfin pilgrims answering its great call to return to the stars. She ultimately handed off the mantle of leadership of her warrior tribe to her half-brother Teir and his lifemate Ember, which freed her to become a Palace Dweller and leave the World of Two Moons with her daughter Satreeka on the journey back to the High Ones’ Star Home.

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