Pronunciation: WINND-kinn (rhymes with THINNED-skin)

Son of Dewshine and Tyldak
Adopted son of Scouter
Grandson of Treestump and Rillfisher
Father of Teir

Windkin is the biological son of Dewshine and Tyldak, though he considers Scouter his true father. A child of both the Gliders and Wolfriders, Windkin’s floating ability manifested at birth, yet he was born mortal, with wolf blood. As an infant, Aroree kidnapped him and brought him to Blue Mountain, where Winnowill removed his wolf blood, rendering him immortal.

After that trauma, his parents decided to raise Windkin in the peace of the Sun Village. That place more than anywhere else will always be “home” for him, even though he prefers his own solitary hut high on a rock outcrop, close to the sky. He would often leave the village to explore the world on his own solitary quests.

Windkin ultimately reconciled with his winged sire and spent years adventuring with the Glider and his lovemate Kahvi. Sadly, Tyldak was killed during one such quest. After he and Kahvi avenged Tyldak’s death, Windkin fulfilled Kahvi’s request to give her a child, Teir, who was at least a part of Tyldak. They parted ways before the child was born and Windkin made his way back to Sorrow’s End. There, he created his own artificial wings and chieved his dream of flight.

He later left the village again to fly to the Forevergeen, a vast, tropical forest that he discovered on one of his solo flights. When he returned to the Sun Village he found it abandoned and destroyed, its people gone. In his grief, Windkin lost his way, turning in on himself, living in a mental fog without real thought or purpose, almost forgetting his own identity.

Discovered in this state by Leetah and Skywise, living in the ruined village, Windkin has now been reunited with both the Wolfriders and the Sun Folk — including Ahdri, whom he had feared was dead — and has recovered his wits. With the aid of magically shaped wings given to him by the healers Leetah and Snakeskin, Windkin now serves as a messenger, scout, assassin and protector of the elves on the World of Two Moons.