Pronunciation: WINN-o-will (rhymes with SIN-foe-kill)

One-time lovemate and advisor of Lord Voll
Consort of Smelt
Lovemate of Rayek
Mother of Two-Edge

Winnowill’s cold, calculating elegance is backed by psychic powers of limitless depth and depravity. As the mistress of Blue Mountain Winnowill’s first priorities are purity and perfection. To the wolf-blooded Wolfriders, she is the Black Snake. After they unraveled her web of power, they become her personal bête noire.

Wicked as she is, she was not always so. Countless centuries of boredom and disuse in the Gliders’ turned her healing powers and mind in on themselves. She arranged “accidents” to heal, and tried in vain to convince her lovemate, Lord Voll, to seek the lost Palace of the High Ones. Attempting to do so alone, she encountered a troll explorer, Smelt, whose crude needs gave Winnowill something new to feed on. Their offspring, the hybrid Two-Edge, she abused mercilessly.

At the height of her reign, Winnowill met Rayek, finding in him a kindred spirit, one who wanted the same things as she did. Rayek, though infatuated with Winnowill, helped Cutter, Leetah and Suntop break her power, isolating her on a remote island.

To escape, Winnowill shaped-changed herself to be a water-breather. She encouraged Rayek to whisk the Palace — and its unwilling occupants — into the far future. When the Palace reappeared, she took her chance to strike again. Venka interceded before Winnowill could steal the Palace, but the consequences were dire; the structure shattered and fell in countless shards over human-occupied land.

Ever the seductress, Winnowill then shape-changed into human form and presented herself to the human warlord, Grohmul Djun, as ‘Lady Venovel’, convincing him to collect the crystalline shards. The Wolfriders infiltrated his citadel and triggered a rebellion. The Djun, facing defeat, beheaded Winnowill, unwittingly releasing her malevolent spirit to wreak havoc unencumbered by the limitations of physical form. Before it could do damage, however, Rayek drew it inside himself and trapped it there. He now roams the World of Two Moons, in self-imposed exile, keeping Abode safe from the maelstrom locked within.