Pronunciation: WOOD-lokk (rhymes with GOOD-stock)

Lifemate of Rainsong
Father of Newstar, Wing, and Mender

Woodlock was the gentlest of Cutter’s Wolfriders, dedicated to raising his children, of which he and his lifemate Rainsong produced more than most. After the arrival of their triple brood, Woodlock was rarely seen hunting, more likely spending his time protecting and caring for those left back at the Holt.

Woodlock was not immune to anger. When humans chanced upon Sorrow’s End, where the Wolfriders had settled, he immediately called for their deaths. His uncharacteristic rage was so unsettling to his tribesmates that the captives were ultimately freed.

When the rest of the tribe set out to join Cutter‘s quest, he remained in the Sun Village, with his lifemate and family. Woodlock lived out his life there in peace, becoming one of the few Wolfriders to die of old age.