Pronunciation: YURR-eck (rhymes with spur check)

Lifemate of Savah
Great, great, great . . . grandfather of the Sun Folk

Yurek is of the earliest generation of elves born upon the World of Two Moons after the High Ones crash-landed on the primitive planet. He was originally one of Voll‘s band of exiles, wandering the woodlands searching for a safe place to call home, away from marauding humans.

Ever curious to explore and expand on his magical ability to manipulate rock, Yurek chose not to follow Voll when he sequestered his followers within Blue Mountain. Instead, Yurek founded a different tribe, called the Rootless Ones. They determined to wander until they found the same safety sought by Voll, only as part of the world, not hidden away from it.

The Rootless Ones thrived for a time, but were ultimately decimated by humans. One group, Yurek and four other survivors–Hassbet, Savah, Maalvi and Dreen, fled into the burning waste of the desert. It was only through his rock-shaping magic, which he used to locate underground water and to shape shelters from the very ground itself, that they survived.

Yurek reveled in this new environment made entirely of rock–from the tiny grains of desert sand to the World’s Spine mountains they discovered on its far side. That the land was entirely free of humans was an added benefit. Yurek had finally found his home. These Rootless Ones discovered a green oasis hidden in the mountains and it was there that they settled.

Shortly after, Yurek Recognized the young maiden Savah and they bore a child. In doing so, they founded the Sun Village of Sorrow’s End. Many years passed, and the village grew. No longer rootless, Yurek, Savah and their offspring became the Sun Folk. Yurek used his powers to reach deep into the rock to find water and create the village well that was its lifeblood. He also shaped the foundation of the large central village hut, a gathering place for all.

In the safety of the elves’ new home, Yurek became obsessed with pushing the limits of his power, seeking to understand the very nature of the rock. He shaped the Bridge of Destiny high above the Sun Village and, entranced by the sensation of total union with the stone, did not even notice when a gust of wind swept his body to the canyon below. At last, his spirit was finally able to become one with the rock.