Chief of the Go-Backs

Pronunciation: ZAY (rhymes with day)

Zey was a young Go-Back who was born after Rayek‘s banishment of the Go-Backs. Chieftess Kahvi was absent during this time, on her revenge mission against Rayek. When Kahvi’s second-in-command Urda was taken by trolls, Zey stepped in and claimed the chieftainship for himself.

He enjoyed the position of power and wasn’t above manipulating his own people to keep it. During his reign, the Go-Backs backslid into a base and depraved existence, fighting trolls for the sake of the battle rather than for any higher purpose.

When Kahvi returned, Zey felt threatened as her presence meant the loss of his position. He criticized and called into question her hero status among the Go-Backs. With the help of his crony Chot, he double-crossed her during her mission to reclaim the Little Palace, which she wanted to use to help raise up the tribe.

Kahvi repaid him with a sword through the gut during the Go-Back’s attack on the Sun Village.