Pronunciation: ZHON-tee (“zh” sound as in “vision” or “azure”, rhymes with ON-see)

Lovemate of Shenshen and Venka
Wolf Friends – Slidderback

Before Zhantee became a Jackwolf Rider, he worked the clay of the Sun Village, producing pottery for the Sun Folk to store grains, water, paints and other supplies. He is shy, gentle and reserved and the quiet life in Sorrow’s End suited him. Yet he always admired Rayek’s constant drive for self-improvement, and so when Dart founded the Jackwolf Riders, Zhantee volunteered for the new challenge.  

It was a decision that would change the course of his life, as Timmain sensed his latent magic ability to form a protective shield and selected him to join Cutter’s quest to investigate an ear-shattering psychic scream for help. The scream turned out to be that of the very High Ones as they crashed on the World of Two Moons. When Rayek stole the Palace of the High Ones into the future to prevent the cause of the shriek, Zhantee was stranded halfway across the world with the Wolfriders. His shielding ability saved the lives of his tribemates more than once.

Like Rayek and many of the other Sun Folk, Zhantee dreamed of Recognizing Leetah, yet was not jealous of Cutter for receiving that honor. He was happy to just admire the couple from afar.

Zhantee gave his life during the Shards War protecting his tribemates from the collapse of a tower that threatened to crush Cutter’s warriors. At the moment of death, Zhantee’s lifelong wish to know Recognition with Leetah was granted when Cutter shared with him the full memory of it. Zhantee’s spirit now inhabits the Palace, and is more active and receptive to the living than most, still seeking to serve and protect his fellow elves.

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