Guard, advisor, troublemaker

Arrogant and gluttonous, Chot is a legend in his own mind, a master swordsman, singer, dancer and fighter. He is good at at least one thing, though: complaining about others‘ lack of vision.

Sent by Go-Back chief Zey to ensure his rival Kahvi did not return from her expedition to steal the little palace from the Sun Folk, Chot’s duplicity almost paid off. Thwarted, he returned empty-handed. Seriously wounded in the subsequent battle between the Go-Backs and Sun Folk, he was preserved in wrapstuff until Mender could fix him.

Under Chot’s rough exterior may lie untapped depths. In the Sun Village, he reconciled with his former enemies. Befriending Sunstream, he accompanied Dart’s band on their journey to the Forevergreen where they faced off with the mad Glider, Door, who enslaved him.

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