The Doors

Rock-shapers and Doorkeepers of Blue Mountain

The Doors were a pair of rock-shapers named Innekah and Ekolin whose sole function was controlling certain passageways in Blue Mountain. These apertures would close to become bare rock, indistinguishable from the surrounding walls. Only the rock-shaping power of their impassive controllers could cause the stone to flow and open, creating a doorway.

Innekah controlled access to and from Blue Mountain itself while Ekolin controlled access to Winnowill’s personal chambers. Both were so attuned to their roles that they neither moved nor required sleep, taking only occasional sustenance in the form of a potion served to them by Winnowill.

Their names fell into disuse and they became known by their function, each simply called “Door.”

Innekah perished in the fall of Blue Mountain while Ekolin survived. Over time he descended into megalomania, but ultimately chose to shed his madness and exist in spirit form when faced with the profound love and light of the elves living in the Palace of the High Ones. Both are now part of the pool of spirits residing in the Palace.


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