Catching a quick breath…

Dear Elf Friends,

It seems I have only a bit of time to write you between projects, these days. Including the special EQ 25th Anniversary issue, which came out this July, that’s four books completed for and published by DC in 2003! Whew! And the year’s not even over yet!

Not for one moment, however, do I intend to abandon WendyWords as it not only gives me a chance to catch up with all of you out there, but also provides an opportunity for me to reflect on events unfolding ever more swiftly around our favorite elves.

Richard and I just put Grand Quest Volume One (DC Comics’ black-and-white digest version of “Fire and Flight” – aka Book One) to bed this morning and, after the briefest of breaks, we’re planning to plunge right into the relettering, recoloring and reformatting of Elfquest Archive Volume Two. This work is so much fun, you’d think it was a video game – and, in a way, it is. Each new/old page, as it pops up on my computer screen, is a challenge. What changes will improve and enhance it? What do I leave alone? Decisions, decisions. By the way, FYI, there is new, never-before-seen artwork in all the DC reprints. Finding it is like playing “Where’s Waldo?” Enjoy!

This week or next (it’s November 19 as I write these words) Elfquest Archive Volume One hits comic shops and bookstores everywhere, along with Wolfrider Volume Two – which concludes the saga of Bearclaw. Look for the archive edition in the graphic novel section, but most likely you’ll find Wolfrider One and Two displayed with the Japanese manga (we just saw it in a Barnes and Noble yesterday near the adventures of Ruroni Kenshin. What a hoot!)

Early reactions to the first Elfquest Archive show the changes and improvements are being really well received. Here are a couple of links to some very neat DC Comics/Elfquest related message boards. One’s onEZBoard and the other’s right on DC Comics’ own site. Also included is our latest interview – so you can get in on the buzz.

Now for a good and fair question: A few of you are asking, “Since I have a complete set of the Donning/Starblaze editions and/or the Warp 10th anniversary volumes, why should I shell out my hard-earned dough yet again, for essentially the same material?” Richard’s and my respectful response is this: Please compare the quality, content and overall production values of these DC editions to your current collection and judge for yourselves. In cooperation with DC’s editorial and production staff we’ve polished and upgraded Elfquest in every way that makes sense in order to give long-time fans – and new ones – a fresh and exciting reading experience. In fact, we’re so proud of these newest archive editions that we think of them as the definitive version. So do consider all of that in your decision.

What else is going on? Oh, yeah! Searcher and the Sword! I’m halfway through that 92-page, full-color puppy, slated to be released some time next year. We’ll let you know the exact date soon as we get clearance, but for your enjoyment now, here’s the study for the cover. As it stands, our schedule calls for us to produce the digests (heck, call ’em manga, that’s what we do) every two months and the Archive editions twice a year. But DC Team EQ is fully aware how important it is to continue the Elfquest storyline and keep bringing out new material. So next year, somehow, it’ll all work out so we finally get to accompany the elves on their newest quest. I don’t know about you, but for Richard and me that’s still what it’s all about. Nothing compares with the sheer pleasure of telling the story. Ain’t it a great time to be into elves?


Hey, I’ve gotta get back to the Wacom tablet! Catch you next time I come up for air!

Much, much love,