Do You Have the Write Stuff?

Sound the alarm! Have Facebook, Twitter, online forums and blogs killed the letter of comment? You know … those things you used to write to your favorite comics and hope that they got chosen. Have they gone extinct? Do fans still like seeing their names in print?

Why are we asking? Because Dark Horse just reported that their supply of LoC’s (letters of comment) for Final Quest has dried up – and we’ve only just begun the series! Can it be that you find nothing comment-worthy left to write about? Or has the thrill of discovering one’s own words immortalized in ink on paper simply withered and died? What would you choose to pass on to your own cubs, eh? A well-loved copy of Final Quest with your letter in it, or a link to some Facebook status that scrolled off the edge of the world years earlier?

There are intelligent statements being made online, questions being asked, what-ifs being wondered. Don’t restrict them! Put them into a letter and email them to – and not only when a new issue comes out, but any time you feel like it. We enjoy reading your comments – and we really like it when you jump in and actually help us create each new issue.

Plus, consider this: In the forums and blogs and threads, you can still question and suppose and “what-if” to your hearts’ content, and we may or may not respond, depending. But if your letter gets chosen for the Elfquest Final Quest letter column, that’s guaranteed to get a reply!

So sit back and think about all that you’ve read so far, what you’ve felt about it, what you’ve liked – and didn’t like. Then jot down some words and email them to: We want to keep the letters pages going strong! What – would you rather have advertisements instead???