Elfquest – Green from the start

Here at Warp we don’t let anything go to waste. We recycle! As a publisher, Elfpop is famous (or notorious) for repurposing the EQ saga in different ways for different markets. As a storyteller, Elfmom often does the same – only with names or characters. Years before Elfquest, Wendy created a kickass female character called Veiya, Daughter of Stone. In the archives, we’ve unearthed plot treatments and art layouts that show just how deep Elfquest’s roots go. Veiya (in name and spirit) became Vaya, Kahvi’s warrior daughter. Ambassador Hoan G’Tei Sho contributed his name, with just a tweak in spelling, to the human tribe that worshiped the Gliders of Blue Mountain. And those lovable, stubborn zwoots used by the Sun Villagers as beasts of burden started life as “zwuuts”, looking much as they do in Elfquest, though a bit more nasty, if you can imagine that.