If you could know your future, would you?

This question was posed by Ryan Browne on Facebook: The Scroll of Colors, the receptacle of all elfin history, past, present and future, is now in possession of the elves. Timmain, Sunstream, possibly even Skywise and Savah can turn it and decipher its meaning. Yet, we have not seen any of the elves turn the Scroll so far in The Final Quest. Given its magical properties, it would seem advantageous for the elves to peer through the veil of time and use the knowledge gained to their advantage. Even mysteries like Teir’s parentage or Kahvi’s fate would be easily deciphered. Future tragedies could be avoided if the possible outcomes of certain actions were viewed within the Scroll’s rainbow mists. The entire “problem of the Palace” could potentially be avoided if a beneficial solution was observed in its swirling sheaves.

So why do you think the elves haven’t done this yet? Do you think they will?