Masque is Go!(Comi)

Dear Elf-friends,

Wow! Guess there’s no turning back now! The new and improved Go!Comi web site went up sometime last night and Week One of my newest venture, “Masque of the Red Death,” is now available for viewing.

You do have to have a guest account to log in (don’t worry – it’s free and they have a strict privacy policy). So go here to sign up:

(A couple of notes: You have to create what’s called an “avatar.” That means you’ll need to choose some little jpeg image – a drawing or photo – from your desktop to complete the sign-in process. Just follow the instructions and click the “upload image” option from the list near the bottom of the page. Once you submit the form, you’ll get an email with a link to click in order to activate your new account. Once you’ve done that, log in with your new username and password, and then click on the “Web Comics” link in the green menu bar.)

(Update 7/3/07 – Go!Comi has changed their forum so that it is no longer necessary to create/upload an avatar in order to register.)

The Masque web comic has an auto-run feature but I find it’s much nicer to page through it at one’s own pace.

I couldn’t be more excited or nervous about this. It’s like being a pioneer all over again! Woo hoo!

Guess instead of “Elfmom” I’ll have to sign this one…

“Madame Masque”