My First Blog!!!

As Kate Smith used to say, “Hello everybody!” And, no, I’m not dating myself. She was way before my time, too! What fun this is! I’d heard about blogging but didn’t really “grok” it. Then our friend and colleague, Jeff Zugale, explained it all over steak and margaritas at Outback. (Yes, I’m a Wolfrider. Eat dead things occasionally. Like ’em rare and always thank them.) Once Richard got the idea he just zoom went ahead and implemented it. And here we are.

It’s a gorgeous day here in LA. We just finished walking our 3 year old Pom Angel around the park behind the library. She loves to chase the ducks that gather around the central pond. One time she went right in after ’em. YICK! Dirty duck water all over. Bath time, for sure!

It’s good to get exercise before a long work day – gonna try and get as many pages of Grand Quest Volume 8 formatted as I can, cuz tomorrow is just a plain ol’ goof-off Sunday. Gotta have those goof-off days, y’know. Last year was just ridiculous…non-stop production plus hip replacement. 2005 schedule is more sane – includes weekends. I’m feeling great, though. Doing lots of walking, even some dancing. And last week on vacation in Sedona (favorite place in the Universe right now) I HIKED! We got to the top of a tall hill with gorgeous 360 degree view of valley and all the amazing red rock formations. Our guide started singing and then we all howled like wolves. A pack of coyotes way below in the brush howled back! How cool is that?