Storytelling, truth, and the world we live in

Wendy posted this on Facebook, and it certainly bears repeating here.


I have something important to say – please bear with it because it actually has a lot to do with the most recent issue of “Final Quest” (and all of “Final Quest” for that matter). In the news and social media, right now, vigorous dialogue about sexism and misogyny has been aroused by the recent Isla Vista shooting spree. Unfortunately, I’m seeing a lot of hate and blame being directed not at specific offenders, but at men in general and young white males in particular. I’m very sad and sorry about this because indiscriminate, unreasoning hatred is not fair or productive – ever.

Elfquest has always reflected the times in which it’s been created. In Final Quest issue #3, and subsequent issues, you will definitely see a male monster in the character of Angrif Djun. He’s the worst of the worst and designed to be such. What I hope will be clear, though, is that Angrif Djun in no way represents what Richard and I believe about the true nature of humanity, much less the true nature of all men. Angrif Djun is a monster based on a number of monstrous historical figures. He is not, by any means, intended to represent all of MANkind.

It’s never been more complicated to be a man, woman OR “other” than in 2014. To all my brothers out there who are confused, frustrated, wondering what the HELL is the correct way to express their maleness in a world where pop culture urges one thing, politics another and religion another…I offer the hand of peace and respect. I’ll continue to tell stories that represent elf and human males, females and “others” in balanced, unlabeled, non-judgmental relationships. However, as an honest storyteller, I will also continue to represent the worst kind of behavior people are capable of because, even in this day and age, it really happens, it really needs to be called out and it really needs to stop.