The Zwoot’s Out of the Bag!

Hello elf-friends!

What is there to say but: AYOOOOOAAAAAH!

You can’t imagine how hard it was to sit on this news. The deal memo had been done for a week and a half, but Richard and I were told by our agents to stay mum until Warner Bros. gave us the go-ahead. Apparently the Hollywood Reporter magazine checked with WB before breaking the story online last night, then many other news entities picked it up and ran with it.

So now we can all howl with relief and joy because the word is out and there’s no stopping the freight train that is the Elfquest movie.

Our director Rawson Thurber (yes, the great great grandson of the James Thurber) is just an amazingly brilliant and wonderful young Leonardo Di Caprio look-alike – the perfect director for this film. He and his sister grew up reading EQ (can quote chapter and verse) and he has always had a deep passion for it. Now he’s on the A-list! Who knew?!? Anyway, after many false starts, Rawson’s just what we needed to finally push this project over the top.

There’s almost nothing to say about the movie itself, yet. It will probably be a combination of CGI and live action. It will probably take about two years to make. Rawson is writing the script and producing as well as directing (a la Guillermo del Toro on Hellboy). Richard and I will be acting as consultants all the way through.

Rawson says,

“…the most important thing is to stress that Warner Brothers loves the property (as does the director) and the plan is to do justice to the underlying work by honoring it in the adaptation. This is going to be the film version that EQ fans around the world have been waiting and hoping and dreaming for.”

There simply isn’t anything to add to that.

As you can imagine, Richard and I are in a delirious daze. This will be a long, one-day-at-a-time creative process. There won’t be news every day. But you will be with us every step of the way.

Love to all,