Well well well well well!

With these words I take my first baby steps into the world of blogging. I swore, not so long ago, I’d never do this – for reasons many and varied and valid at the time. But even an old wolf can learn new tricks, so here I am.

Some of you may ask why I’ve changed my mind. It’s a fair question. (Trust me, not all questions will I choose to see as fair, and not all questions will I choose to answer. But life is full of surprises and you just never know.) Those of you who frequent www.elfquest. com know that both Wendy and I, from time to time, write somewhat formal editorials that get posted to the “WendyWords” and “Matter of oPINIon” pages. We like expounding from time to time on topics that we feel deserve that forum. But lately (and “lately” can be defined as roughly the past two years, ever since we signed our licensing deal with DC Comics to publish Elfquest) it feels as if every spare moment is sucked up by some deadline or other. No excuse, just perception.

Now, we’ve known about blogs for some time but, as I alluded above, didn’t have a lot of interest in participating. Until last night, as we were having dinner with a good friend and fellow artist Jeff Zugale and the conversation turned to the internet and web sites and blogs. And somehow a key turned in a lock and Wendy and I began to realize (as so many of you already have) that we didn’t have to restrict ourselves to a nicely thought out editorial every time we wanted to say something. Using a blog, we could call up this magic window any old time we felt an inspiration or a rant, bang the thing out, post it, and be done! And then get back to whatever it was we were doing…

It’s liberating. And I suspect it’s going to evolve into something very interesting and even inspirational as well. And, since at least one of us is likely to feel like venting fairly frequently, the Elfquest web site – by virtue of this blog – will get some sort of update a lot more often than it has been. Which ought to mollify at least some of you!