Wendy and Wendy on elfin vanity…

Well, we all made it, fairly blipless, to the year 2000! And here in “Jollywood” things are chugging along pretty much as they do every spring. Warp Graphics, Wolfmill Entertainment, Sceneries Entertainment and our European partners on “Elfquest – The Movie” are revving up for the American Film Market, first of several annual industry events held here and abroad, where distributors and press congregate to size up the upcoming feature films. In many ways the AFM resembles a comic book convention, except the booths are individual hotel suites and everybody goes around in dark suits.

Last year Cutter and Leetah made a brief but tantalizing appearance at the Sceneries Pavilion. But this year, with our movie forging ahead, our point-eared leading man and lady are going all out to tell the world the elves are a-comin’!

That being the case, Leetah decided she needed an image polish for the cameras. So it was off to the spa for a makeover. (Not that we think she needed one. We should all look good so when we’re six hundred years old!) But you know how wilful she can be, so…

Herewith a (hopefully) amusing pictorial of Leetah’s day at the beauty parlor:



Meet my assistant Wendy Rockenbaugh. Wendy (nice name, huh? We call her Wendy Junior) was responsible for Leetah’s tricky “roll-up” — That’s a lot of hair for such a tiny person! Wendy Jr., consummate pro that she is, made sure the elfin beauty was comfy in a big terry robe and had something interesting to read while waiting for her curls to dry.
Elfmom Wendy Pini (that’s me!) checks out the roll-up and pronounces it “Maaahvelous, dahling!”
Hours later the real fun begins. The UN-rolling takes longer than the roll-up and dry combined. Oh well, Leetah still seems fairly engrossed in her book. Guess she’s deep into the Trial of Head, Hand and Heart by now. Ah, memories… memories…!
Meanwhile, Cutter and I hang loose over some tree-bark tea, waiting for the complicated unrolling process to be done. “You can’t rush perfection!” Leetah quips. “Yeah, like you can’t push a river,” Cutter growls.
Finally! “Hmmm… maybe I should leave it like this. Isn’t Madonna doing ringlets this year?”
Now Elfmom seizes the chance to butt in and work out the frustrated hairdresser side of her personality. Leetah looks serenely tolerant in her fuzzy, black slippers… “Sigh! Oh, these humans!”
TA DAAH! The comb-out is complete! Cutter seems pleased with the results. “He better be,” says Wendy Jr., “‘cuz I expect a big, fat tip after this aggravation!
Ecstatic Elfmom waltzes her gorgeous, camera-ready brainchild around the room. “Careful! Don’t muss the ‘do,’ Ma!”
Watch out, Susan Sarandon! There’s a new ring-a-ding redhead in town!


There you are! Hope this brought a giggle or two. As we did with last year’s AFM, we’ll post photos of our Elfquest display at the Sceneries Pavilion sometime in March. And we’ll try to keep Cutter on his best behavior with all those important industry folks, though you can never tell with him!

See you soon!,

Wendy (Elfmom) Pini