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Vintage Elfquest Action Figures Get a Photo Shoot

Back in 2001, a line of Elfquest action figures was produced by a company called Art Asylum which featured Cutter, Nightrunner, Leetah, Petalwing, Picknose and Tyldak. There were plans for a second line of figures that never came to fruition. Today, the first line of figures has become quite the hot collector’s item.

I picked up Picknose and Leetah in a retail shop back in 2001, and in the intervening years I’ve tracked down the rest on eBay and Amazon. Recently, I had some fun doing a little photo shoot with the figures in the Holt, which I created with live plants and supplies from the craft store. I think they look right at home in their wild setting!

If you’d like to see more Elfquest action figures, let Dark Horse Comics know that there’s demand. What characters would you most like to see as action figures?

Cutter Leetah Action Figures

Leetah and Cutter enjoy the morning sun before spending the day sleeping in their tree-den.

Tyldak action figure

Tyldak remains on watch for nosy humans in the Thorny Mountain Holt.

Cutter and Nightrunner action figure

Cutter soaks in the moonlit beauty of the forest.

Picknose action figure

The bright sun is no good for underground-dwelling trolls like Picknose.

Leetah Nightrunner action figure

Leetah glows as bright as the daystar against the earth tones of the Holt.

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