Compliation and introduction by Amy Green (to whom we owe eight eights-of-eights thanks for taking on this massive task).

This list attempts to set all the ElfQuest stories in chronological order. The complete storyline, from the arrival of the elves on the World of Two Moons (later named Abode) to the planet’s space age, spans over 20,000 years. Headings mark radical epochs in elfin history. The issue titles are linked so you can read them online in order.

​If you’ve not yet read ElfQuest, start with the first twenty ElfQuest comics published by Warp Graphics between 1978-1984, generally called “The Original Quest.” It was written and drawn by the creators of ElfQuest, Wendy and Richard Pini. Comics produced after that first series contain contributions from other writers and artists, and weave between various timelines and stories in the history of the elves. Though all were overseen by the Pinis, some contain back stories or ‘what-if’ tales and thus may not always be canonical. The two most recent series, “The Final Quest” and “Stargazer’s Hunt,” still available in stores, tie the main threads together and bring a long-awaited conclusion to the central storyline.

Arrival of the High Ones on Abode


The Wolfriders


The Original Quest


The Palace Recovered


After issue 15, the plot splits in two, with Hidden Years carrying one thread and the Shards magazine the other. A third series, New Blood issues 13-35, runs parallel to these two plot lines. How New Blood interlocks with the other two series is not easy to tell, so most of this plotline is shown first.



The Palace Restored


Invasion of the Neverending aliens
The first two stories of the Abodean space age, The Rebels and Jink, are set 900 years after the Shards War era and parallel each other closely.