ElfQuest: Behind the Scenes

ElfQuest is the longest running independent comic book series in the US — maybe the world. It’s been going for over 40 years, and that takes a lot of work, whether writing, drawing, editing, managing, you name it. So it’s only natural that the creative people who work on EQ (often Wendy and Richard Pini, but also the many free-lancers who’ve contributed over the decades) sometimes just want to have fun.

Sometimes fun is silliness, sometimes it’s simply kicking back an exploring something new or different. And a big part of fun is sharing! Enjoy as we go behind the scenes to bring you a smorgasbord of history, cartoons, sketches, and other rarely-seen fare.

"A Day in the Lives"
Wendy's Elf Book
ElfQuest Homages
The Infamous "Video"
Early ElfQuest concepts
Comic page layouts
RPG gamebook art