This is the infamous Abby Lou video of “ElfQuest – Fire and Flight,” made public for the first time since 1990.

Abby Lou Productions licensed the rights to produce what they said would be a fully animated, computer-generated adaptation of the first chapters of the Original Quest co-created by Wendy and Richard Pini. The company took orders for an unknown number of copies but actually fulfilled very few, leaving many subscribers high and dry. When the Pinis learned of this, and actually saw how limited and primitive the production actually was, they sued Abby Lou for breach of contract. Not many people have seen this video and, for the sake of the historical record (as well as the pained reactions they’re sure will come, Richard and Wendy are letting this go public. People often ask why there has not yet been an ElfQuest movie or series (either animated or live action) – the strong desire to avoid getting involved in another fiasco like this one, is answer enough.

Note: The mediocre quality of the video is as digitized from a copy of the original VHS tape.