Back in the day, whenever Wendy and Richard would attend a comic convention, they’d ask fellow professionals to add a drawing to what came to be known as “Wendy’s Elf Book.” The only condition was that the subject be that artist’s interpretation of an elf, not necessarily an ElfQuest elf. The results run the gamut from serious to silly, deceptively simple to ornately detailed. A few even edge over into being lightly risqué — all the while however keeping within the realm of good taste and good fun. Enjoy now a stroll through the wonderfully varied responses.

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Walter Simonson
William Rotsler
Joe Staton
Len Wein
Kelly Freas
Jeffrey Catherine Jones
B. Kliban
Dave Sim
John Byrne
Trina Robbins
Sergio Aragones
Mark Evanier
Fred Hembeck
Bernie Wrightson
John Caldwell
Terry Austin
Joe Sinnott
Jack Kirby
P. Craig Russell
Kerry Gammill
Michael T. Gilbert
Frank Miller
Paul Smith
Archie Goodwin
Al Williamson
Chuck Jones
Mike Grell 1
Mike Grell 2
Boris Vallejo
Phil Foglio
Tim Sale
Jan Duursema
Jim Valentino
Arn Saba
Mary Wilshire
Bill Sienkiewicz
William Messner-Loebs
Jerry Bingham
Dave Cockrum
John Buscema
Curt Swan
Larry Marder
Harvey Kurtzman
B.K. Taylor
Terry Beatty
Tom Mandrake
Joe Kubert
Doug Wildey
Steve Rude
Bret Blevins
Ted Boonthanakit
Brent Anderson
Richard Howell
Jim Mooney
Bob Wiacek
Don Simpson
Steve Bissette 1
Steve Bissette 2
Ken Mitchroney 1
Michael Zulli
Kevin Eastman
Gahan Wilson
Larry Welz
Peter Laird 1
Barb Rausch
William Stout
Bill Neville
Jeff Smith
Janine Johnston
Brandon McKinney
James A. Owen
Steve Bissette 3
Raoul Vezina
L.B. Cole
Ken Mitchroney 2
Michael Dooney
Wally Wood
Peter Laird 2
Michael Kaluta