Get autographed ElfQuest books and prints!

Get NEW ElfQuest Prints and Autographed Books exclusively via Streamily


ElfQuest co-creators Wendy and Richard Pini have teamed up with online platform Streamily to offer ElfQuest fans the exciting opportunity to get ElfQuest books and exclusive new art prints, autographed and personalized.

Each year, the Pinis make public appearances to meet and sign books for their fans. Since Richard and Wendy can only attend a limited number of shows, many fans don’t have an opportunity to get their ElfQuest items autographed. 

Now, through Streamily, fans can purchase signed and personalized copies from Dark Horse Comics’ ElfQuest catalog and exclusive NEW ElfQuest art prints by Wendy Pini that will be available nowhere else (including eBay).

Streamily’s menu will include:

⇒ The Complete ElfQuest series (7 volumes)
⇒ ElfQuest: The Final Quest series (4 volumes)
⇒ ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt (2 volumes) 
⇒ New Exclusive 8×10 ElfQuest art prints suitable for framing

Save the Date! Monday, March 21, 11 AM PST/2 PM EST
Livestream Autograph Session with Wendy & Richard Pini

Even more exciting, the Pinis have arranged with Streamily to do a number of livestream autograph sessions, so fans everywhere to have a chance to watch their purchases being signed in real-time. These events will be announced well ahead of time on social media and the official ElfQuest website.

The first one is Monday, March 21 at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Head to the ElfQuest Store on Streamily
  2. Purchase your ElfQuest books or exclusive 8×10 art prints.
  3. For each item, indicate how you’d like the autograph personalized.
  4. Mark your calendar and watch the livestream event—the first one is Monday, March 21 at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST. There’s a chance Wendy and Richard will autograph your items on camera!
  5. All items purchased via Streamily will be shipped out after the livestream autograph events approximately every 6-8 weeks.

Richard Pini said, “Wendy and I are very happy to become part of the Streamily family of talented and creative artists and actors. We’ve long wanted to make ourselves more available to sign books and prints than we could ever humanly do in person. Now, via Streamily, we can do just that.”

“Streamily is thrilled, honored, and privileged to be able to collaborate with the Pinis, and to be part of the next chapter of service to the ElfQuest fans,” added Todd Jones, Streamily Director. 

Head to the ElfQuest Streamily store now to get autographed and personalized ElfQuest books and exclusive art prints!

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