ElfQuest: The Story

ElfQuest is a huge, sprawling tale that has been more than forty years in the telling. In that time, it has appeared in hundreds of comic book issues, dozens of collections, and several novelizations and short story anthologies. To try to summarize all those thousands of pages here in a few paragraphs would be impossible. So we’ve provided what we hope is a useful alternative. Below, you’ll find a number of links, some to other sites, that contain lists and indexes of titles, issues, plots, and so on. We are grateful to every reader and fan who’s put work into these pages.

Note: Because any external resources are not maintained by Warp Graphics, or Wendy or Richard Pini, we are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information.

The series in chronological order
A mini-synopsis (approx. 7000 words)
A detailed synopsis (approx. 38000 words)
Wikipedia entry for ElfQuest
An ElfQuest fandom wiki page
Another EQ fandom wiki page on the elves and story