The ElfQuest Show is the only fan-made podcast series dedicated to the long-running, award-winning, epic fantasy series ElfQuest, created by Wendy and Richard Pini. The podcast was created by ElfQuest über-fans Ryan Browne and David Mizejewski. Explore the world of the Wolfriders and all their allies and enemies on the World of Two Moons and beyond. The Quest goes ever on!

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Episode #1

An in-depth review and discussion of ElfQuest: The Final Quest issue #2. Join hosts David and Ryan as we discuss death, recognition, and the ever-present threat of emasculation at the hands of Go-Back warriors!

Episode #2

Part 1 of our review of ElfQuest: The Final Quest Special! Chrissy Hynde said it best: “I’m special so special/I gotta have some of your attention give it to me!” Gender roles, birth control on the WoTM, archetypes, and Moonshade harshing everyone’s buzz in this episode!

Episode #3

Part 2 of our ElfQuest: The Final Quest Special review! The trouble with timelines, speculations about nanotechnology and genetic engineering, surprising familial connections, the tragedy of Rayek, Dart’s fabulous hair, and a homework assignment for our listeners!

Episode #4

Part 3 of our review of The Final Quest Special! The question, is Leetah “haughty” or a “hottie”, is finally answered. We also learn what’s bugging Ember, Reef transforms, Tyldak and the Sunfish are two sides of the same coin, and Ryan still has problems pronouncing character names.

Episode #5

We finally did it! The final installment of our four part review of this issue. There’s plenty of beginnings and finality for many characters. But we’re still far from the finale! We’ve only just begun! “The Final Quest” is on! Did we say “final” enough?

Episode #6

It’s our mammoth review of ElfQuest: The Final Quest issue #1! (We’ve saved all the words for the podcast, instead of trying to cram them into this description.)

Episode #7

We’re back for our review of issue #3! Divorce? Nazi eagles? Communist deer? Is this still ElfQuest?! Will Ember survive torture at the hands of Angrif Djun? Can Strongbow and Moonshade work out their “issues”? Plus, Teir’s philosophical musings on amphibians!

Episode #8

An in-depth discussion of issue 4 of The Final Quest! We send Teir to bed with milk, cookies, and tissues after ruminating over how big an aura is, dyeing your hair with leg-lift, much nakedness in the Palace, parental potential, and Go-Backs with guns.

Episode #9

Kissin’ cousins! PLUS: The winner(s) of our first contest, details on a potential fan-feedback episode (let us know if you’re interested), elf birth control, suppressed Recognition, elf sexism, Windkin’s comely butt, and swords ‘n guns!

Episode #10

It’s our first fan feedback episode! The topic of discussion: “What are your thoughts, theories, speculations, rants, raves, likes and dislikes, and general feelings about The Final Quest so far (the first 5 issues)?” Enjoy!

Episode #11

David sits down with the amazing Wendy and Richard for a fantastic interview about The Final Quest!

Episode #12

Issue #6 is the end of the first volume of The Final Quest. Join intrepid hosts David and Ryan and they discuss the revelations and mysteries revealed in this issue, plus hints and clues that whisper of momentous events yet to come!

Episode #13

A special holiday treat for our listeners! Join Ryan and David as they interview ElfQuest fans extraordinaire, Rob and Heather Beschizza, on all things EQ, cosplay, “scamp-stamps,” websites, and how ElfQuest brought them together!

Episode #14

We’re back with a special mini-episode! Join hosts Ryan and David as we discuss our speculations and predictions for Final Quest #7 based on the spectacular cover and preview pages. What will we get right? What will we get wrong? What are your thoughts? Let us know!

Episode #15

Our review (now that we actually have the issue in our hands – see Episode 14) of Final Quest #7 is live!

Episode #16

An interview with Sonny Strait, ElfQuest: The Final Quest colorist, voice actor, web-comic artist, erstwhile apprentice to Wendy Pini, and all around great guy!

Episode #17

Our review of The Final Quest #8!

Episode #18

Final Quest #9! Is this the end of the Go-Backs as we know them? Venka navigates the troll tunnels with Two-Edge leading the way – what will they discover? Moonshade and Strongbow separate. Meanwhile Sunstream might just be the WoTM version of Bill Gates!

Episode #19

Final Quest #10. Much gushing over the spectacular art, then speculation galore. Will Rayek ever grow up? Is it possible to feel bad for Winnowill? Plus, our reaction to the reveal of Skywise’s “star girl,” our theory on the name of a newly introduced character. Oh, and trolls!

Episode #20

In this episode we give voice to the sound of our minds exploding over the major revelation at the end of issue #11 of the Final Quest. WHAAAT????

Episode #21

#12, the one we’ve been waiting for, the Cutter Freak Out issue! We dive into the mind-blowing connection between Timmain and Tam, and the surprising hints scattered throughout the history of ElfQuest. Plus, Reef’s “finished” form; Windkin’s wings, Rayek’s revenge, and more!

Episode #22

The Final Quest story has reached the halfway mark with issue #12. We invited Wendy and Richard Pini back to the podcast to share their thoughts and  experiences creating it over these last few years. This episode is filled with inside insight. You don’t want to miss it!

Episode #23

Issue #13 of Final Quest has a lot going on. Rayek and Winnowill’s mutual manipulation, Venka’s wound, Reef’s reaction to Winnowill, Cutter’s madness,  Sunstream and Korafay’s discussion about leaving the World of Two Moons, and much, much more.

Episode #24

We finally see the “Scary Ones” in issue #14 of  Final Quest and try to guess what these creatures actually are. Also: Venka’s smack-down of Two-Edge, Conehead spirits in the Palace, Redlance’s reaction to the Scary Ones, Cutter’s dream of the Ten Chiefs, and more!

Episode #25

Wendy and Richard Pini at the Dark Horse Comics party at San Diego Comic-Con International. Learn their thoughts on their long history with Comic-Con as well as special insights into the WaveDancers, the Scary Ones, Final Quest and more.

Episode #26

Final Quest #15 is packed! Cutter’s family meets the Scary Ones, Dre-ahn’s unique magic, Moonshade’s doubt, Spray and Salt’s choice, the Palace as a weapon, and much more. Plus two ElfQuest-inspired songs from the band Slammerkin. More at @slammerkingdom.


Episode #27

Issue #16 of Final Quest. We talk about Rayek’s attack on the humans, then dive into Reef’s encounter with Winnowill, Korafay’s floating ability, the origins of the “Scary Ones,” the role of both Cutter’s key and Two-Edge in the next Quest, and much, much more.

Episode #28

Final Quest #17 — so many questions. Cutter regains his sanity, but what is his newest quest all about? Who is the new troll king? Will Venka crush Rayek? Are the Howling Winds Wolfriders moving to the Father Tree Holt? Will we see the Rootless Ones again? All this and more!

Episode #29

Final Quest #18. Big developments in this issue! Cutter completes his latest quest; what are the implications of his powerful apology? Also: Strongbow and Moonshade’s troubled relationship, the growing powers of the Palace Dwellers, Skywise’s foibles, and Venka’s big surprise.

Episode #30

Final Quest #19: Cutter’s return and what it means for the Wolfriders, including Ember’s chieftainship. Plus, Dart and Mender’s big news, Door’s diabolical plans … and the realization (of both the characters and the fans) that the end is approaching — we chew on it all in this episode.

Episode #31

Published by Flesk Publications, Line of Beauty: the Art of Wendy Pini is a retrospective on the artistic development and career of Wendy Pini. Written by Richard Pini, it is packed with deep insight and never-before-seen-art. David discusses all with a very special surprise guest.

Episode #32

Final Quest #20. The impending threat of gun-wielding humans doesn’t stop the elves from celebrating a new lifemating and a surprise Recognition. David and special guest hosts Lisa Lannen and Katie La Salle-Lowry discuss these joyous events, plus much much more!

Episode #33

David interviews Comixology’s Tia Vasiliou, who organized the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 panel “ElfQuest: An Intimate Conversation with Wendy and Richard Pini.” Hear how this event came to be, the questions Tia asked, and the Pinis’ responses. Also, ElfQuest on Comixology.

Episode #34

Final Quest #22 is a pivotal issue — so much so that it took two episodes to tackle it. In part one: Yun’s character development, the importance of High Winds Holt, the WaveDancers’ newfound purpose, Old Maggoty’s choice, the birth of Venka’s child, Leetah’s new role and more.

Episode #35

Issue #22 of Final Quest — part two. So much happens in this issue, we needed two episodes! Here, we talk about the fulfillment of Skywise’s quest to reach the stars, his relationship with Cutter and Timmain, and the ultimate fate of Moonshade and Strongbow.

Episode #36

Final Quest #23 is an emotional rollercoaster with heart and heartbreak in equal measure. Windkin’s lethal work, Dewshine’s threat, Two-Edge’s valor, Kimo’s sacrifice, Leetah’s song, Shuna’s fate, Strongbow’s choice, the end of the Way, and more. One “final” issue to go…

Episode #37

#24 — the final issue of Final Quest and the conclusion to Cutter Kinseeker’s hero’s journey. Pour a glass of dreamberry wine, grab some tissues, and join us for one last deep dive into the World of Two Moons as we ponder the series-changing events — and what’s next.

Episode #38

With this episode, podcast co-creator David Mizejewski launches a new vision. Learn about his plans for the show moving forward, and share a wild conversation between ElfQuest artist and co-creator Wendy Pini and her one-time apprentice and Final Quest colorist Sonny Strait.

Episode #39

It’s been a year since the conclusion of The Final Quest. Wendy and Richard Pini share that time — their publicity tour, being nominated for an Eisner Award, insights into Wendy’s “animated” drawing technique, the mythic quality of Cutter’s tale, flying meatloaf, and what’s next.

Episode #40

This episode is the first of what I hope to be many exploring individual characters. I decided to begin with those who haven’t had as much time in the spotlight. Even secondary players in ElfQuest have their own stories, so who better to start than Shenshen, Leetah’s “little sister”?

Episode #41

A brand new series from Dark Horse Comics! The first issue of ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt premieres on November 13, 2019. The Pinis joined me to talk about what they have in store. As devilishly tight-lipped as ever, they still share a delicious amount of info to whet your appetite!

Episode #42

ElfQuest is a back with an all-new, eight-part series called Stargazer’s Hunt! David and guest host Tanya Scott-Thomas discuss the collaboration between Wendy Pini and series artist Sonny Strait, life on the Starhome, Strongbow’s grief, Jink as a child, and Skywise’s loss and fear.

Episode #43

Stargazer’s Hunt #2 is here! Guest host Michael McAdam joins me to chat about Timmain’s reveal to Skywise, her secret connection to Cutter, and Skywise’s explosive reaction. We also unpack Jink’s fateful choice, Cutter’s whereabouts, elfin interior design and more.

Episode #44

Good friend and fellow ElfQuest fan Heather Beschizza joins me for issue #3 of Stargazer’s Hunt. We talk about Skywise’s titular hunt and the melancholy turn it takes in this issue. We also unpack Timmain’s empathy, parallels between Rayek and Skywise, and much more.

Episode #45

Issue 4 of Stargazer’s Hunt — I’m joined by longtime enthusiastic EQ fan Shekinah Smith. We go in deep on Jink’s first adventure on the World of Two Moons where she meets various tribes and offends Queen Oddbit. We also unpack Skywise’s incredible discovery in the depths of space.

Episode #46

This special episode features the Livestream event announcing ElfQuest: The Audio Movie. Hear from the talented people working to create this latest iteration of ElfQuest. Also: an interview with Wendy and Richard Pini, and a teaser of some of the actual music that’s been developed.

Episode #47

ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt Vol 2 with friend and fellow fan Tanya “River Plum.” We talk about all the threads to past and future stories woven into the saga, seeds for future stories, and of course the conclusion of Skywise’s star-spanning quest to recover his lost memory of Cutter.

Episode #48

A second episode about ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt Vol 2. I’m joined by friend Michael McAdam; here’s a few of his comments: “It devastated us in all the perfect ways” and “It’s philosophy as much as it is fantasy” and “What if Picknose were secretly Buddha?” You simply have to listen!