About ElfQuest

ElfQuest is the longest-running independent fantasy graphic novel series in the USA, with more than 20 million comics, graphic novels and other publications in print.

It is the story of Cutter, chief of the elfin tribe the Wolfriders, and his quest to find and unite others of their own kind on the dangerous World of Two Moons.

Created by Wendy and Richard Pini in 1978, the ElfQuest saga continues today.


The Story

Get the latest ElfQuest comics and collected editions from Dark Horse Comics.
Explore our free online comics reader with comics from 1978-2014.
See the ElfQuest chronological reading order – a complete unofficial list maintained by fan-librarian Amy Green.
Discover our current projects, ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt and ElfQuest: The Audio Movie.



The Characters

Meet the elves and all the many denizens of the World of Two Moons in our extensive “who’s who” character profiles. Discover character backstories, family relationships, wolf-friends and even the correct pronunciation of their names. Profiles include reference links to our online comics to the key moments in each character’s story.


The Creators

Learn about ElfQuest creators Wendy and Richard Pini.
Read, watch and listen to interviews with the Pinis.
Delve into the in-depth profile, “The Weird of Wendy Pini.”
Meet Wendy and Richard in person at one of their public appearances.


The Community

Follow the official ElfQuest social media accounts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and YouTube.
Join the ElfQuest Fan Group on Facebook and the ElfQuest community on Reddit.
Explore #elfquest, #elfquestfanart and #elfquestcosplay on Instagram.
Marvel at some fantastic ElfQuest Cosplay, sculpture and other fan art.
Listen and subscribe to the ElfQuest Show Podcast.
Visit the ElfQuest Archive at Columbia University Libraries.


The Fun Stuff

Create your “self-elf” with the ElfQuest Avatar Maker and Elf Name Generator.
Watch Wendy Pini draw a sketch of Cutter.
See early character sketches, development notes, sample page layouts, model sheets, portfolio sketches, role-playing game art and before and after art.
Enjoy ElfQuest homages and tributes by other artists.
Laugh at vintage “Day in the Life” back-of-the-comic funnies.
See vintage ElfQuest action figures and enjoy this fan-made action figure photoshoot.
Read the history of the ElfQuest Tarot Experiment.
Immerse yourself in the music and lyrics from the ElfQuest-inspired filk album “A Wolfrider’s Reflections.”
Download the Official ElfQuest Coloring Book for free.


Shop ElfQuest

Get all your ElfQuest comics, books, apparel and other merchandise here.

ElfQuest started as a comic over four decades ago and has seen multiple series and titles over the decades. It has been adapted into prose stories, featured in retrospective art books and most recently is being reimagined as an audio movie production. Official ElfQuest merchandise–everything from t-shirts, games, action figures, puzzles, art prints and more–has been produced with various partners over the years. Autographed and personalized ElfQuest books and art prints are available as well!



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