ElfQuest Audio Movie - the Soundtrack

The ElfQuest Audio Movie (Season One) is a masterpiece of aural drama. Adapted faithfully from the source material, the adventures of Cutter and his tribe of Wolfrider elves will lure you deep into the primitive World of Two Moons. Not only is the voice casting spot on for these iconic characters, but the musical accompaniment is perfect as well. Composed and conducted by Frank Schulmeyer, these cuts underscore the action in ways both dynamic and subtle. “Frankie” also gives to ElfQuest something missing from too many current cinematic offerings: distinctive character themes or motifs. Listen for them.

From the composer: “I think in music. Stories have been told in many different ways throughout time: from spoken word, passed from one generation to the next, to multi voiced audio movies and of course, moving pictures. My music illustrates stories.”

Use our Bandcamp player to sample the drama and range of the ElfQuest Audio Movie’s musical moods and styles, then purchase the album for download and/or streaming.

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