Elfquest 30th Anniversary fan tributes

by Joselle Ho

Fanart homages in honor of Elfquest’s 30th anniversary.

As is often said, better late than never. These fan art and fiction tributes to Elfquest’s “thirty years of pointed ears” were ready to go on-line back in July, 2008. Then the news broke about Warner Bros. licensing the EQ movie rights, and there was much scrambling about. Plus, the Digital EQ on-line comics project was already in full swing. And, well, webmaster/editor/facilitators do get distracted.

So as is often said, better late than never. Herewith, some fun and fantasy to close out Elfquest’s third decade and usher in its fourth! (Click on each thumbnail to bring up the full artwork or link to a text page.)

PS. If you’d still like to contribute to the festivities here, please do! This page will not turn into a pumpkin on December 31.

Front Cover

Elfquest at 30 header

by Alura Raetz (Allura on the Scroll of Colors forum)

Leetah Celebrates (G)

by Nightsea

Leetah Celebrates (PG)

by Nightsea

Primal Dance

by Natacha Severin (Timmain)

Two Tales

by “R.C.” (EQfan)

Cutter @ 30

by Sonny Strait (Sonny_Strait)

Skywise @ 30

by Sonny Strait (Sonny_Strait)


by Wolfen Moondaughter

A Tribute

by Myna Branham (Faerie_speak)

Bedtime Story

by Kristen Rosser (krwordgazer)

To Sensei

by Sonny Strait (Sonny_Strait)

Happy 30!

by Sara (Apogee)

Sensei & Grasshopper

by Ashley Gray

A Moving Tribute

by Heather Harper (manga)

Sea Elves at 30

by Noel Meyer (Skya)


by Tiffany Pena

Inspiration 2

by Justin Pena

Little People

by Kat Combs (katcombs)


by Katilean Yashodoa

Crescent’s Legacy

by Katilean Yashodoa

30-year Slideshow

by Nightsea

New! Links to even more Elfquest at 30 tributes.



This isn’t all anniversary related by any means, but here’s a search on “Elfquest” on Deviant Art with literally thousands of great examples of fan art.