Link Banners

Here are the rules. Please read them:

• You may use these banners freely on your web page but you may not modify them in any way.

• You must use a banner as a link to only. Please do not link to any pages internal to the site (except for the Digital EQ page, below)

• Please don’t use these banners in a negative way toward Warp Graphics or Elfquest.

• You must store this graphic on your own server. This is the one example on where you may use an image on your own web site.

• We cannot give permission to use the “Warp/wolf” logo by itself as a link banner (or background image, or decoration, or any other use). This is Warp’s company logo, it’s a registered trademark, and it must not be used anywhere other than here on, and certain business-related sites.

The way to download banners will vary from browser to browser, but usually either a right-click (Windows) or ctrl-click (Mac) will pop up a menu allowing you to “save this link as”, which is what you want. Here they are, in big and little versions.

And here’s one for linking directly to the Elfquest Online comics page.