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NOTE: this collection hasn’t been updated since January 2007; it’s very out of date! Visit the updated list.

Welcome to the completely revamped, updated list of known Elfquest-related web sites. All URLs that led to “page not found” messages have been removed; all URLs that led to new sites have been replaced with the new information.

If you’ve created a new Elfquest web site, or if you already have one that’s not on this list, please fill out our Link Submission form so we can add your site to the long and ever-expanding list as soon as possible.

Our thanks also go to the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of individuals who dream up, create, publish and participate in all of these sites, and who are helping to make Elfquest a truly "web-wide world." You are all stellar!

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EQ FAN DEDICATED SITES – Includes any web site devoted primarily to the Elfquest universe, and may include fan fiction, fan art, character biographies, links, and other various types of information.

HOLTS – Sites dedicated to a role playing or fan-fiction-based elf tribe that has an EQ background or basis.

ROLE-PLAYING GAMES & MUX/MUSHes – These are strictly role-playing and multi-user sites; there is no fanfic involved.

CHARACTER DEDICATED SITES or SHRINES – Sites dedicated to one or more specific original EQ characters.

SHRINES TO CHARACTERS BASED ON ELFQUEST – Sites dedicated to fan and Holt-generated characters.

EQ FAN ART – Sites that specifically display official (published by Warp Graphics, please see legal notes) EQ art, or fan EQ-style art.

FANART/FANFIC – Sites that display both fan fiction and fan art.

EQ FANFIC – Sites that specifically showcase EQ related fan fiction with original or made-up characters.

INFORMATION RESOURCES – Sites that give EQ stats, bios, timelines, or info regarding official EQ comics, characters, and/or creators.

WEBRINGS – EQ-dedicated web rings and links pages.

MISCELLANEOUS – Sites that just don’t fit under any other category; includes EQ-Email, mailing lists, forums, etc.

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And now, on to the list…


The official Elfquest homepage is, of course:
Sendings, the official EQ fan magazine – Check out this page to see an online sampler of what’s appeared in print over the years.


Colleen’s Elfquest Fansight.
Elfquest: The Addiction is the site for humor and parodies, all in good taste.
A page with links to various holts or fan fiction writing groups Renfield belongs to.

For Elf Eyes Only – Original games, fan fiction and art, articles and links. Visitor participation highly encouraged!

A small (French) site, using some Elfquest incredible pictures to illustrate a web site on the elves generally.

Faywolf’s Elfquest page.

Drawings of EQ and Info of me!! Manga-stuff too

German Fanpage with pictures, stories and more.

EQ quizzes, lots of pictures, short bios on some of the characters, and info on most of the books!

Alvefolksida til Kristian André. Links, Family Trees, Elf Soulnames List.
CONTACT: Kristian Andre« Gallis.

The DreamBerry Patch.
CONTACT: Tom Berry.

De Nederlandstalige Elfquest-site
CONTACT: Femke Koning.

ElfQuest and Beyond. For the enjoyment of readers of ElfQuest, and to enlighten people who do not know about ElfQuest already.
CONTACT: Erica a.k.a. "Waterlight".

Stephane "Alias" Gallay’s gastronomic proof that the Great Egg did exist. With links to several other pages (main page in French).

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A dutch holt about pure elves, who live near a beautiful lake and have troubles with the trolls they used to trade with, and a mysterious island in the middle of the lake.

Traditional EQ storytelling taking place in the Medieval era of Abode.

Neospire City: A Community with a Future! Our city has the glorious gift of sitting below the magnificent floating palace of the High Ones, now an immense crystal spire that now floats above its heart. Enjoy the cultural diversity of our streets. Our population is constantly growing and we ask you to please consider Neospire City to be your new home.

A holt of chinese water dragons bonded to elves.
Grey Falls Holt.
CONTACT: Karen Bledsoe

ELFQUEST meets STAR TREK on the savage frontier. A crossover site, now open for crew recruitment – elves especially welcome!

Mountain Tree Holt: another place for fans!

The Fierce Brook Holt!

The SkyHaven. The mystical, floating abode of a tribe of floating pure-bloods. Come create a SkyHavener!

The Golden Wolf Holt has been around since 1985! We’re looking for new members. We are an ElfQuest preservationist holt.

Rushwater Holt. Ever wonder what happened to Two-Spear’s tribe? New members welcome.
CONTACT: Cindy England

Whistling Reed Holt. Come and take a look around. Don’t get lost!

DreamHolt. The ONLY site with a complete list of elfnames ANYWHERE!

WhiteHunter-ShadowWings Holt

Sun-Goes-Down Holt.

The Tutrinariana Holt Homepage (basic Wolfrider holt with other people there as well).

Web site for Tales of the Tower, the zine of Tower Mountain & New Hope holts.

New Riverflood Holt, with many characters up for adoption.

Jungle Green Holt – PLEASE join!

Snow Fall Holt. Please stop by – I just got my Holt up and running; plenty of characters to choose from, a messageboard and friendly elves.

Shimmersea Valley Holt – a great new site that already has a base group, lots of art, and players. We love art and stories.

Firemoon Holt, a wonderful Holt needing members. It’s a sister holt (or should I say brother holt?) to MoonSilver and Jungle Green. PLEASE JOIN!

Starship Phoenix Holt – a futuristic holt on board the the flagship of the Alliance. Come join the explorations and adventures!

Welcome to Twinflame holt. Here we have fanpics, fanfics, roleplay, survey (hey I rhymed!), and much more. Come visit!

Moonsilver Holt! Sister Holt to many, home to wanderers, Wolfriders, and any who seek a home!

Nomads Holt. This is an online holt made up of wanderers and nomads who are searching for a new home. New members are greatly appreciated.

The new and improved site for Moonrise Holt. We are hunters of secrets, come and join our legacy!

Wave Mountain Holt. A Holt full of Gliders, about to be ruled by one who is as mad as Winnowill! Full of plots and twists to what happens! JOIN!

Come and join the Dutch EQ fanholt!

The Mystic Rain Holt RPG site. We love ElfQuest. We wanted to be elves, trolls, and evil humans, so we created this.

The Isle – Stories about elves living on an island on a mountain lake.

Wandering Steps Holt, a tribe of elves driven from their home have decided to live like gypsies, traveling the world of Abode.

Desert Wolf – A holt tucked away within a hidden oasis in the middle of a harsh desert. Looking for new members.

Group of Wolfriders taking shelter in the desert. Internet holt with an emphasis on roleplaying (separate from first Desert Wolf Holt).

Shadow Vale Holt, a place where four diffrent tribes live. Some in peace, some at war with each other.

Wyldwood Holt – Wolfriders, plainsrunners, gliders… and treewees? Oh MY!

The Tide Spray. Pirate hunters of the World of Two Moons.
Sky Holt.

A Wolfrider holt in the spirit of the tribe before Cutter’s time. Adoptables available.

Windshaper’s Holt.

The Jungle Wind Holt (in German only at this time).

Mist Fall Holt A Holt set at the base of a large rock cliff face. It’s a great holt, you’d enjoy it!
CONTACT: Shannon a.k.a. "Deeptide".

Desertwinds Fanclub.
CONTACT: Chieftess Onsha.

Mountain Lodge. This is a holt consisting of long-tooth riders (saber-tooth cats).

Dran, new planet for the elves, with four tribes to inhabit it: Nomads, Catriders, Gliders and Wavedancers.
CONTACT: Leni Gerritsen.

The home page for the Sweetwater Fan Club. One of the oldest Elfquest fan clubs. Based in Spokane, Washington.
CONTACT: Tamarien Fläten.

Windhowl Holt. This is a Wolfrider holt, set in the mountains, with snowfall in the winters, and warm summers.
CONTACT: Annette Pschirrer.

Blue Reef Holt is a sea elves holt. The sea elves breathe both air and water and most can shapechange in and out of mer-elf form.
CONTACT: Annette Pschirrer.

Trailduster Holt. Based on the environs of the Southwestern USA/New Mexico. Most elves are pureblooded but still bond with wolves. Primarily a snail-mail holt.
CONTACT: Sarah H. Harrison.

BlackTree is a holt of 5 tribes – Bear riders, Wolfriders, cat riders, gliders and sea elves. Please come and check it out.

Shadow Wolf Holt. This site is dedicated to the world of Two Moons. Inside a large valley is located the father tree. Come join the wolf pack in a howl.

Questhaven Holt. A Wolfrider holt with great artwork.
CONTACT: Paul Carter.

Clearview Holt – sister Holt to Questhaven. Home of a clan of raptor riding elves.
CONTACT: Paul Carter.

Where elves and trolls live in peace, trying to survive the attacks of the evil Dark Spirit trolls and the Weaponhands, a human tribe.

Holt of the Shadowdancers. Not strictly an online holt, but an international portal (in German and English) to this ‘zine-based holt.

Greenmeadow Holt. A site set in the time of Bearclaw, chief of the Wolfriders.

Misty Valley Holt.

Hawk’s Call is situated on a mountain, and we are mainly Snow Elves and Gliders. But then intruders come to the mountain… Check us out! We are a new holt, and need members!

Darkmoon Holt Homepage. We also have a chatroom!

Stormsinger’s Rest is the holt of the Finders. We have pictures, stories, music and more, both fan-based and pertaining to the elves that Wendy created.

Redrock Holt.- for canine riders in an Arizona type area. Laid-back easy-going Holt. Come by and take a look, our Yahoo Group can be read by all.
CONTACT: RedRock Holt.

The Starsinger Holt – new, and looking for members!

Dragon Mountain Holt – a tribe of wanderers who have gathered in a maze of tunnels magically shaped deep into the side of a cliff wall.

Stormrise Holt is located in the stormy, moorish northeastern regions of Two Moons. The elves have lived in peace for hundreds of turns after driving the humans away. However, now humans have returned–to stay. New members welcome – create or adopt a wolfrider or griffin-rider.

A holt based upon the WaveDancers tribe.

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Scarpatch’s Arena – An RP-based site about an elf fight arena within a human city, it also has art, stories, and an e-group.

Two Moons MUSH, the longest-running online Elfquest roleplaying game, going strong since November 1991. The general mailing list is located at
If you wish to visit, please feel free to use either telnet or any MUSH/MUD client to port 4201.

The New Ones. We refer to ourselves as the People yet others call us The New Ones.
CONTACT: Liseeri.

A message-board based Elfquest role playing game.

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A site devoted to the archer of all archers, Strongbow, with images, fan fiction, fan art, and more.

A site for Ember, Blood of Eleven Chiefs.

A small site for Rahnee the She-Wolf.

Newstar’s Den.

EQ anthology index & Wavedancers’ Who’s Who.

Devoted to Crescent, the daughter of Strongbow and Moonshade.

Dart Admirers and Groupies.

This is a site based on Winnowill, and it’s got an e-mail service of its own! Every Winnowill fan welcome!

Tyleet’s Page (a page dedicated to sweet Tyleet)

It’s FINALLY online – the definitive One-Eye website, featuring all the information I could gather on One-Eye and kin.

Suntop and Brill’s fan site new address, with bios of all ElfQuest characters, a new tribe, a forum, fan-art and soon fan-fiction.

TWEN (That Wonderful Elf Nightfall) Fan Club!

Dewshine’s Den.

Menderland – your ultimate site about the sexy elf Mender!

Jink-a-holics Anonymous. Are you addicted to Jink? Are you suffering from JWS (Jink Withdrawal Syndrome)? Join the club!
CONTACT: Rachel Bebber.

Nightfall’s Denning Tree. Friends Of Nightfall; dedicated to Nightfall and her family. Presenting F.O.N.D. Don’t know what the "D" stands for? Take a look!
CONTACT: Marty Kuhn.

Rayek’s Harem The Official Online Archive for fanfiction and fan-art submitted by the members of the Rayeks_Harem mailing list.
CONTACT: A. Matthews a.k.a. "Ebony Weaver".

TRIBE! Tam’s Really Ingenious Band of Earthborn. A site dedicated to the one and only Cutter.
CONTACT: Erica a.k.a. "Waterlight".

Pike: Under Dreamberry Influence. An appreciation site devoted to the chief of dreamberries!
CONTACT: Afke van Herpt.

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Memoires of a Weapon Smith – Read the adventures of Brace of Stormrise Holt; and his obnoxious griffin bond, Pinfeather.

Sihuu’s Stories in the Sand – Read the history of Sihuu of Iasc, a young dancer girl struggling to grow on the world of Abode.

Tymber’s Den – a fan place, Tymber of the Ivy Holt.

Itesa’s Grotto. Itesa, founding member of the Shadow Tribe, and her home in the Net.
CONTACT: Heather Grimes.

Woodgrace’s Home. Homepage of Woodgrace of Lostholt and Two Moons MUSH.
CONTACT: Samuli Kärkkäinen.

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Kagri’s art – fanart, mostly focused on ElfQuest. This site was known as ”Nightfall and Redlance fanart” before. is an online community made up of artists, writers and fans of the Elfquest comic book and graphic novel series. The site features an online gallery for work in an array of differing media, monthly competitions, discussion forums and a chat room.

New ELFWOOD address – Fan Art! Fan Art! Fan Art! (NOTE – this is a huge and major fan art site, containing the work of literally thousands of artists, many of whom have uploaded Elfquest fan art. To find Elfquest fan artists, use the search functions that are available here.)

My artwork page, most of which is comic book related. There is an ElfQuest section with artwork featuring One-Eye and kin.

Original ElfQuest-related artwork.

Collection of Elfquest fan art, posting all ranges of styles.

Elfquest inspired art by Kalin.

Fan art.

Melanie Klegerman’s online art gallery with a wide variety of pieces – all elves, all fantasy. (Warning: Does contain some nudity and adult material.)
CONTACT: Melanie Klegerman.

Matt Madron’s Art Gallery. This site contains a number of Madron drawn art pieces. Elfquest and werewolves and other fantasy drawings.
CONTACT: Matt Madron.

ElfQuest Fan Art. I drew these a few years ago. They’re pics of my characters for some fanfic message boards.
CONTACT: Laura J Bartholomew.

The Dweller By The Brook fan art site.

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A big site with lots of pictures I made of my holt characters and others, old and new, requests and guest-art I did, with a few stories here and there and more.

Here you can post your Elfquest fanart and fanfic.

FrozenRose’s Mythologica gallery of art and writing.

FrozenRose’s Gallery. My personal homepage, which showcases my artwork and writings (from Elves and Unicorns to figure skating) and storywriting.
CONTACT: Mary-Justine.

Quietsong’s Holt. Fan fictions and fan pic – Pini pictures and soon other stuff.

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EQ FANFIC (solely fan fiction)

Viara’s Room of Scrolls.
CONTACT: Jessica Orr.

Two Moon Sky Creations. So far just one EQ Fanfic comic, titled Plainsrunner, maybe more soon…

The Soul Sequence. An Elfquest webpage that will eventually be very big, but just now includes only a fanfiction called Soul Sequence.
CONTACT: Rainbow Girl.

The Wolf’s Den. Writings and Wolves.

Skywise’s Search for the High Ones.

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Character Name Generator – Quickly and easily create descriptive compound character names. Requires a Javascript-enabled web browser.

Elfquest Resource Pages

Elfquest Search Database (Javascript search page)

Black Mermaid Productions’s official homepage (BMP were the writers/artists of the "old" WaveDancers series).

Scott’s Elfquest’s timeline.

My little cave in the wild devoted to the appreciation of Elfquest and related things. Links to all manner of fannish and fun things as well as a wealth of information.
CONTACT: Small One.

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Friends of Sun-Goes-Down Holt, a webring created for Holt members of Sun-Goes-Down Holt that have taken the time to create their own website.
CONTACT: Chieftess Tigerstar

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The S.E.T.E.W. Awards 2000 are open for voting until Apr 30th! If you run a holt, or are a member of any holts, come vote today!
Get your free e-mail at World2moons mail (unofficial)!

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