After the Palace crashed on the World of Two Moons, some of the High Ones survived the slaughter and fled into the surrounding woods. Legend has it that nine in particular made their mark on the World of Two Moons, though only one, Timmain, survives.

Timmain was the mother of Timmorn Yellow-Eyes and therefore all Wolfriders, and the only one among the firstcomers to learn the world’s natural ebb and flow. She was seen less and less by her companions, eventually losing herself completely within the wolf form that she chose to survive, disappearing from view until her own distant descendants recovered the Palace itself.

Haken was Timmain’s passionate nemesis. Like her, he was quite aware of survival’s requirements. Unlike Timmain, however, he wanted to conquer the humans, rather than merely adapt to the world’s harsh realities. His powers were fully restored after the crash, but his loveless crusade eventually led to conflict and defeat at Timmain’s hands, and he fled. Haken’s dark beauty was uncannily similar to that of Rayek and Winnowill.

Adya was the groups’ eyes, “knowing where”, sharing a deep and loving bond with Timmain. He was first to attempt communication with the humans, and he was the first to die.

Aerth was a healer to whom Leetah would one day bear a strong resemblance. He was the nine’s ears, “knowing why”, and the most deeply affected by Timmain’s increasingly-long departures.

Deir was the nine’s balance and order, and it is hinted that Gibra and he had a son, named Vol. He reveled in sunshine, and found satisfaction in working with his bare hands.

Gibra was caution in the circle, holding them back from risk. She sought out Haken after his banishment, hoping her baby, Vol, might turn his heart to good—whether this tale reflects the origins of the Gliders is a story yet untold.

Kaslen was a gentle plantshaper who learned to create food without killing, her manner and appearance finding an echo in Redlance, millenia later. Kalil, perhaps Kaslen’s lovemate, was the palace’s navigator.

Sefra was timekeeper of the Circle of the Nine, and the first to understand the horrifying nature of their predicament. A stargazer, her yearning for the stars and her silvery coloring make for easy comparisons with Skywise.

Beyond the nine, Orolin was turner of the Scroll of Colors within the Palace, wrapped in a preserver cocoon to better focus on that task. Though the webbing tore during the crash, he did not awaken and died soon afterward. Thousands of years later, Timmain was shocked to find his dessicated remains.

Other high ones named in story and saga include Guin, Ima and Tislin, all slaughtered by humans; Almeck, the alleged creator of Dreamberries; Seeree, his beloved, who died in chilbirth; Menolan, a firestarter; Segray, a healer and mother of Samael; Enlet, the father of Zarhan Fastfire, who would love Rahnee; Oraynah, who could hunt; Nefanrin; Khyra; and Jannah.

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