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Barbies, Avs and Sprites - Put your requests here!

Embala - not really elfin

Killing a Web Site...

Morbid Quest Predictions

katcombs/Tynami Character thread - new info pg 11

Embala's Series and To-Do's ...

Startear's Characters

Jeedai's Preserver Nest

Moonmoss's characters


Absurdly pointless sequential numbers thread.

Tips and Links on Dollmaking

MrsGrizzley's Characters

Battlefield: Yo Computa!

general abilities

Input Needed: What items have you seen in Elf Quest?

Input needed: Known Quests

game dynamics

Alpha Testing...

General Troll Quest plan

Charater graphics / Sprites

Maps and Layouts

Graphics resources (take a look)

Survey:"special" characters

Name Games...

Chronology/Eras in Gameplay

Things that need standardized/Finalized (please post input!)

A note: its mess 'round here...

Reserved characters (for NPCs and 'bosses')

Troll Quest Online

Survey: How would you like a game to look?

Killing A Superhero...

Resource list

Project: The Tree and Lobster Visuals

Geology of the World of Two Moons...

Big Bang scaler insults!

Battlefield: Cornage

Battlefield: Classic

Name Calling!

Battlefield: Freestyle

Battlefield: Yo Mama!

You're such a bad driver...

If you could have just one superpower, what would it be?

What do you think or say about the above user's avatar?

You are Lex Luthor, you have just defeated Superman. ...What do you do next?

battlefield: pictographic

Worse than Spam...

Spam Quest: The Adventures of a Can of Spam!

Character List (planning list, no cards)

Card Game Mechanics Discussion (new)

about card layout / identification symbols

Elf Quest Customizable Card Game Rules (draft)

Elf Quest Card game as an expansion, and current status...

About VEHICLE cards - OQ

About PERSONAL cards - OQ

Card Game Mechanics (old)

Dollz as card art?

2013- year of the Flop?

ElfQuest Doll Wiki

WolfMoonSky's Characters

Beryl's Characters

Holiday Cards

Time Travel.... The TARDIS Way...

The Viking Spam House

Hello, are you still active 2013?

character dolls

9th Annual Halloween Contest // RL/OC Costume Challenge

Artists: Textures need to be generated...

Peaceful cessation

Jeedai's Characters

Jeedai's Gifts and Knockoffs

[Feedback] Little to Little (Fanfiction)

[Feedback] Three Little Elflings (Fanfiction)

Chama's Elves

Chama's Series and To-Dos

Group Discussion

Holt/ Animal descriptions

Character dolls Links

Story links

character descriptions

Cometduster's Characters

(short story)Metamorphose [Feedback]

The mainstream Media

The "I'm So AWESOME ..." Game

Awesome People Hangout

Color Me Micro/Doll Contest

The Face-fured Ladies

What-if Children

[Feedback] Break (Fanfiction)

[Feedback] Pocket of Air (poem)

Bit's and pieces.

Items... if you want to see somethong in TrollQuest or FanQuest games, post it here.

FD Timeline

Troll Quest discussion...


Wherin we learn things about boobies


A drunk Uli and Cone is talking about clothes and stuff

Feb Spam Month Thread

Candidates for the game engine (or add one to the list)