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Happy happy Birthday, dear Beryl

An ElfQuest Birthday Calendar

Digital Drawing...... what do you use?

Happy Birthday Kitt!!!

What did you buy today?

What are you wondering now?

What have you discovered today?

About abortion, pro-life and pro-choice

What are you doing right now?

Happy birthday Blackbird

Thinking out loud.

Happy Birthday Rholt

How do you feel?

The Dollmakers Dollhouse

What are you reading now? (And don't say 'this topic'!)

Sir Terry Pratchett, we will miss you!

It's Rainmaker's Birthday

It's Pcoquelin's day!

Happy birthday, Elyon

Looking for an old user

Do any of you have pets?

It's your turn Nibblet

Weee its my B-day

Gay rights - your opinion, please.

The Elquest Tribe and How Much They Mean to Me.

Goodbye Mr. Spock

What other graphic novels/comics do you enjoy?

Heeeeeey it is your birthday Yngvar¡

Happy Birthday to you, Startear!

Happy Birthday Kathleen!

Happy Birthday to Tenderfoot !

Happy Birthday to Eyes High!

Happy stuff topic!

Have a Happy Birthday, Tamarien!

Happy birthday, Elfquest!

Happy Birthday to you, Night Tanem

What happened to Willowgreen?

In praise of awesome comic shops!

What countries do you love other than your own?

Happy Birthday, ElfTanner!

Nice weather, huh!

The "Tree and Lobster" - Come in and have a frink!

Gun rights and gun control

Happy Birthday, LadyUsako!

It's ElfEmber's Birthday, Too!

Seeking fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Why is it that men in this world are jerks??


So... What did you do today?


Birthday calendar

Share your dreams with US your tribe!

A prayer/candlelight for . . .


What you don't dare to say out loud..

Fictional characters you identify with?

differant types of Christmas Elves

It's Embala's birthday!

Soundtrack to my life (what's yours?)

How has Elfquest pushed you to be more creative yourself?

Happy Birthday Arthis!

Tattoos...whose got em and what are they??or do you want 1?

what are you drinking now come back!

Happy Birthday to You, G0lden!

Empowerment and improvement

Disney survey (for thesis)

Get Well Soon Richard Pini!

What does your name mean?

Polygamy: Polyandry, polygyny, group marriage

Barry Blair 1958(?)-2010

Hello EQ fans and more!


Goodbye Robin Williams

Did you know that Elfmom in her younger days was Red Sonya

Weird, funny or confusing lines you've ever heard or read?

Did I really just see that?

Understanding Men/Women

Happy Birthday to ... faeriegirl!

Which way do you like your hotdogs?

Which Muppets are we?


Badger's going postal

What did you learn today?

Your word of the day


Please pray for my sweet little husband

Healthcare reform in the United States - thoughts and opinions?

My eyes see with joy! (back again)

A howl for my Dog; Saria

Anime North 2014 Meet up?

Brief Response to Richard's Religion Blog

Emoticon War Thread (Kin made me do it *shifty eyes*)

Your personal 'Bridge of Destiny'?

Getting people to read your writing

Happy Birthday, Elfmom!


Wolves in movies, TV and other entertainment media

Rant Away!!!!!

Political Activism

Happy Birthday, MrsGrizzley