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Spoliers for Searcher and the Sword!


This was originally just a set of drabbles, based on this thing by Viridian5, called my harper, which can be found here :arrow: http://viridian.shriftweb.org/, and it rocks. But gradually, they all achieved a similarity. Ten points and a drabble of choice to the person who guesses it first.


My Redlance

Is brave.

Is wise.

Loves Nightfall.

Loves Twen.

Is fully aware that, sometimes, they aren't the same person.

Loves Cutter, and Leetah.

Loves Tyleet, even if he doesn't always understand her.

Loves his cub's cub, even if he's never met him.

In person.

Loves the way the grass grows thick and the trees grow tall, and the flowers come before berries, always before berries. Loves the way leaves throw themselves down in the wind.

Has almost forgiven the humans for what they did to him. Hopes that someday he'll understand why.

Hates his facefur, but is too shy to ask Leetah to get rid of it.

Loves his life as it is.

But would still like another cub.

Would say it's unfair that Strongbow and Moonshade have had three, except for Crescent.

Hates the fact that he's so jealous.

Loves Twen.

Loves Nightfall.

Loves the trees, and the wind in the trees.

My Shenshen

Loves Leetah.

Sometimes wishes she were tall and slender like Leetah, wishes her eyebrows arched the same way Leetah's do, wishes she could dance like Leetah, wishes her hair cascaded down her back, like Leetah's.

Loves Leetah.

Wishes every lad would fall in love with her, as they do, with Leetah.

Well, not every lad.

But one would be nice.

Wishes she could, wishes she would, Recognize. She doesn't want twins, but one child of her own would be nice.

Doesn't mind borrowing other's in the meantime.

Loves Suntop.

Wishes he would be more careful with himself. Wishes he would watch out a little more. Wishes he still had nightmares and would still call out or her, as he did when he was a cub.

Is glad that he's too big for that, in a quiet, sad sort of way.

Wishes she were more.

More something, anything.

Sometimes looks into the reflections of herself scattered throughout the Palace, fluffs her topknots, and smiles.

Sometimes thinks, whatever will come to her...

... is worth waiting for.

My Newstar

Is occasionally surprised to see that she's nearly the same age as Leetah. And Dewshine. And Nightfall.

Wasn't ever really sure she'd get this old.

Loves her son. Loves him, loves him, loves him.

Knows that, with his help, Shuna will achieve her dream.

Misses her Mother.

Misses her Father.

Misses her little brother.

Misses her other little brother, and hopes he'll visit soon.

Is surprised at how much she misses her lifemate, in quick stabs of grief that come and go.

Is surprised at how much she enjoys Skywise.

Wonders, sometimes, if it's a good thing she isn't in love with him.

Hopes for another cub, but not too soon.

Spends nights holding her son's baby clothes, hoping he'll come home soon.

My Baby

Is terribly confused at this strange place she's found herself in.

But loves her family, even the strange one with the wings in his hair.

Sometimes wonders if it's safe.

Has decided to make the best of it, anyways.

Wishes she could go back inside mother.

Has decided that, since she can't, it would be nice to see someone her own age around.