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Well here's my drabble/swansong to my favorite character. I know that no one really understands why I like Shuna so much, or why I like to take her in directions that most people seem to find disturbing. But maybe this will explain things. And besides, it was a 'homework assingnment' given by Worldpool Girl.

My Shuna

Knows in her bones she is different, though she knows not why.

Remembers the touch of a dark elven woman and that memory keeps her warm and safe at night when the screams of her mother sound in the dark.

Knows she must fight, even if it costs her her life. And so she picks up the sword, cuts herself away from all she has known.

Has felt the fear and the exhiliration of battle and sometimes wonders why she survived when her comrades did not.

Uprooted herself to follow a dream. To feel the love of family, something so foriegn, yet needed and dreamed of every night.

Is clumsy amoung the graceful, youthful amoung the wise, hesitant amoung the confident. She has lost her way.

Feels she has something to give, searches for her gift, wants to give back, needs to be counted, needs to give back. Even when only love is asked for...

Looks at her new family, looks at her new friends and loved ones...and knows she is home.

There it is. Hopefully somewhere in there is why I adore Shuna as I do.