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Ah, so it is the baby in SaTS? Yes I've read it.

Ah well, here's my try...

My Skywise

Loves how Cutter comes to watch the stars with him although they are only little lights in the sky to him.

Loves Maleen, and Vurdah, and Ruffel, and Aroree, and Newstar, and Leetah, and Nightfall, and Tyleet, and Ember, and ShenShen and... everyone. Even Shuna.

Would die for Tam.

Still isn't certain which shape he prefers - Timmain-the-Wolf or Timmain-the-Elf. Loves both, and never forgets they are the same person.

Would never call himself Master of the Palace. Not anymore.

There is one female he could never love or want. Winnowill.

Hears the starsong.

Doesn't think about his parents as often as he used to. Still has the ornament Eyes High used to wear in her har. Looks at it sometimes, and cries.

Remembers his mother's sending-voice.

Has no memory of his father, and that may be what he mourns most -never getting to know him.

Fears Recognition...

but harbors a secret dream of Recognizing Timmain.

Doesn't really know what to think of Yun. Loves her. Wishes they'd met sooner. Wishes he knew who her mother was.

Feels too young these days. And when did Cutter become so wise?